Maricopa Emergency Management System Alert

  CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE – CAMPUS CLOSED:   All in-person classes moving to online - classes resume on Monday, April 6. Campus remains closed for in-person services. Students are encouraged to contact their instructors for additional class information.  Updated - April 1, 2020
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Always bring your student ID, plus books, classroom notes and other materials you need for studying.

  • One-on-One tutoring
    Only our writing tutors work one-on-one with students, scheduling in 20-minute increments. All other tutoring takes place in group settings, but one-on-one interaction is integrated.
  • Test reviews
    The following classes have test reviews available. Anatomy (BIO201), Physiology (BIO202), Organic Chemistry (CHM235 and 236). Ask your tutor or the front desk about test reviews for other classes.
  • Math Lab vs Math Center
    Students often find it easier to focus without other types of math being discussed nearby, so the Math Lab is for tutoring in MAT081-MAT122. The Math Center is for students in MAT120 and up. Students in MAT120-122 may use either area.
    Note: the Math Center and Math Lab located in Q Building is a second location for convenience.