Learning Success Center

Learning Success Center

The Learning Success Center is open and ready to help you with your out-of-class learning needs. Work with tutors both in person and online. We are located in the E building (E180), next to the Computer Commons and across from the Buxton Library.

Bring your student ID or know your student ID number and come in for tutoring. We encourage you to make appointments for The Writing Center.

To reach tutors online log in to online tutoring.

  • Sign in with your MEID and password.
  • Authorize access to your account.
  • View the tutors, their subjects, and their schedules.
  • Join a tutor by clicking on the Walk-In Tutoring box or make an appointment with a Writing Center tutor.
  • To schedule appointments with Success Coach, or the Writing Center tutors, call us at (602) 787-7180. Please leave your name and phone number if you reach voicemail, and we'll call you right back during our hours of operation.

Why use the tutoring center? Studies show students who reach out for academic assistance are likely to have a cumulative GPA, a full letter grade higher than college students who don’t seek tutoring. You’ll discover a warm and welcoming environment when you step inside the LSC. We invite you to come in and see what we have to offer.