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Device Checkouts

E-building location
E-building Location

Can students check out the laptop?

Eligible students can check out laptops, hotspots, and additional devices by using this process that is managed in partnership by the PVCC Library and Information Technology departments. Begin the process by clicking on the button below. If a student does not have access to the Internet to make this request online, please have them call (602)787-7780.
Laptop | Hotspot | Additional Device Request Form

Who is eligible?

  • Only currently enrolled PVCC students in good standings without a computer or access to a computer are eligible to check out a laptop.
  • Laptops are checked out on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Internet Hotpots are available in very limited quantities, and will require further justification and review before the request can be approved.

Checking out Hotspots

  • Hotspots are reserved using the library check-out process.
  • Since we are limited on Hotspots you will be required to provide a justification statement. Hotspot will be issued based on needs.
  • Because some of our Hotspots were purchased through a grant you may be required to do a follow up survey to meet the requirement of our Grant.
  • Damage or loss will result in a financial hold and subsequent lien for the replacement value of the Hotspot $73.

Checking out laptops

PVCC is providing laptops for students who need a computer to complete their classes. We have a limited quantity of laptops, so this is a first-come-first-serve reservation. If you can share devices among those in your household or leverage your smartphone to complete your assignments, we ask that you not make a reservation. 

Complete the following form:  

  • Laptop Request Reservation - Form

Please note your checkout will have a financial hold placed on your Student Center account equal to the laptop's value. If equipment is damaged or lost, you will be responsible for the accrued expense. 

Equipment pick up will be on one of the following dates: 

  • August 18-20, 8 AM - 5 PM
  • August 23-27, 8 AM - 5 PM

You will pick up your laptop at E Bldg - Northwest Doors (Image in upper right corner)

Please bring your Student or Photo ID

We will have the door open under the courtyard awning area.

*To use the device, you must provide your Internet access. Access can be through Wi-Fi or a smartphone Hotspot. The college has listed providers and resources through Student Support Resources.  

Additional Remote Learning resources are available off the Student's page (top of home page), where you can find links and apps you may need for your classes. 

Returning laptops and other devices

PVCC will maintain the inventory of devices.

  • Please ensure you backup all of your data onto your MCCCD provided Google Drive before returning your device as all laptops will be wiped once returned.
  • An email reminder will be sent a week prior to the due date
  • Please refer to this link for some tips on returning equipment to campus: Learn before you Return Quick Start.
  • You will need to bring your Equipment (e.g. laptop and power cord) to E building - Northwest Doors. View Location
  • Equipment that is not returned will result in a hold on your academic account and subsequent debt collections.

Return Dates for Spring 2021

  • May 17th-20th 8a-6pm
  • May 21 8a-12pm
  • May 24th-25th 8am-6pm

When you come: 

  • Report to E Bldg - Northwest Doors View Location
  • Remember to bring your equipment (e.g. laptop & power cord).
  • A face covering will be required while on campus. If you do not have one, we can provide you with a temporary mask.
  • Practice Social distancing. Stay at least six feet apart and be mindful of enclosed spaces. Follow any campus signage related to social distancing.

Technical Support

  • Students will receive a laptop which is preloaded for online learning (Canvas, WebEx, Google Apps, and Microsoft Office 365).
  • Technology support will be available over the phone at (602)787-7780 or remotely through the Information Technology Helpdesk.
  • Only the pre-loaded software or software required for use on the device by your course(s) will be supported. We are unable to support non-PVCC authorized software installations.