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FALL 2022 CLASSES ARE OPEN!  Enroll for Fall 2022 | Learning Options | Online Services  |  Student Relief Grant Information Updated - August 12, 2022
All PVCC employees, students and visitors are encouraged to wear face coverings while on campus. How to report Coronavirus (Covid19)


Post Jobs/Internship/Work Based Experience (WBE)

Thank you for thinking of Paradise Valley Community College for you staffing needs. Click on the following link for a tutorial on how to post a job on PipelineAZ To post an internship or job please click on the following link and select Employer on the top right corner. 

Attend Job Fairs

We offer two Job Fairs each year one in Fall (October) and one in Spring (February). Information will be listed here once the registration period has begun. Please email me if you would like to be put on the list to attend a job fair at

Fall 2022 Job/Career Fair
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
11:00am -  2:00pm
Paradise Valley Community College; KSC 1000
To register complete the Job Fair Employer Registration form.

Job Shadow Mentor

Job Shadowing

Paradise Valley Community College would like you to consider becoming a Job Shadow Mentor for PVCC college students. There is nothing more valuable for a student than to interact with a professional in the field and have a conversation about the field and how to navigate to that career. Share your career experiences, successes and failures.
You can choose five ways in which students can connect and interact by

  • Phone
  • Virtually by Zoom, Google Hangout, or WebEx
  • Email
  • Office Visit
  • LinkedIn

If you are interested please complete this Job Shadow Mentor form

On Campus Recruitment

If you would like to meet students by having a recruitment table please complete the following form. Tables are available to employers meeting eligibility requirements on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cost is $50* per table/per day and includes two chairs. Recruiting on campus requires the completion of the PVCC On-Campus Recruiting Agreement, Facility Use Agreement, and Certificate of Insurance, which may take time to process. The Facility Use Agreement will be provided by Fiscal Office once the following have been completed. Prime time for recruiting tables is Monday - Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm. On-Campus Recruiting Agreement

PVCC Career Services Advisory Council

Become a member……would you like to connect with faculty at PVCC and discuss future curriculum, skills and job development? Join the PVCC Advisory Council….we meet twice a year…to become a member please complete this form  

Mission Statement
To assist Paradise Valley Community College in meeting the needs of the 21st century student and to improve the quality and reach of career services. To strengthen the relationship between PVCC, the community and the marketplace by serving as informed advisors to Career Services on issues that affect students, faculty and administration.

The PVCC Advisory Council is made up leaders from local and regional businesses, education, non-profit and government. As informed advisors the Advisory Council provides PVCC with guidance on new initiatives, goals and plans, new policies and curriculum, opportunities for advocacy, and legislation affecting the school. The Advisory Council will meet bi-annually

  • Increase staff knowledge of industry and economic trends
  • Share current information regarding the job market for college graduates
  • Clarify soft and technical skills most needed in today's world of work
  • Discuss and strategize on techniques for marketing to students and employers
  • Facilitate increased employer, alumni, and faculty interaction
  • Foster new employer development strategies while also facilitating linkages with targeted organizations
  • Share trends on resumes, LinkedIn, or other technology resources to help students
  • How do organizations use Portfolios
  • Increase Internship Opportunities  for PVCC students