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PVCC appreciates input from local organizations. Industry leaders interested in facilitating a seminar, participating in a business career panel or involved on an advisory board, let us know. Some existing advisory boards include Business and Technology, Administration of Justice, Health Care, Early Childhood Education and PEAK Leadership Institute. Call Norma Chandler at (602) 787-7073 for more information.

At no cost, recruiters now have a direct connection with Maricopa Community College Students using an online job board called Maricopa CareerLink (MCL). With MCL, employer recruiting options include:

  • Posting Jobs and Paid Internships with Us
    Applications from students, alumni or community member can be emailed to you as they are received, held online, or sent in a single PDF. Post your available opportunities on the Maricopa CareerLink so they can be seen by students, alumni, and employees at all 10 Maricopa Community Colleges.

  • Joining Annual Fall and Spring Career Fairs
    Each year PVCCC hosts two career fairs attracting more than 50 companies from all over the Phoenix metro area hiring for part-time, full-time and paid internship positions.  This is a great way to build your brand on campus while meeting a variety of students. Contact Career Services at 602-787-7073 to participate in the next Job Fair (or click on Job Fair). We hope to see you there!

  • Requesting an Information Session
    Join us on our main campus for a day of tabling for your hiring needs, hosting a company presentation or networking with our students.

Get started! Complete your "Employer Profile" on Maricopa CareerLink and post your positions. For more information, contact us at

Step 1:

Organization is required to place an Intern Request on Maricopa CareerLink (MCL)


A PVCC student may contact an employer to initiate an internship. If accepted, the organization must post the position using the Intern Request on Maricopa CareerLink (MCL).

Step 2:

PAID INTERN: If you are offering a paid internship (highly recommended), the intern is required to complete all “new hire” paperwork, which is standard procedure for regular employees with your organization.

  • The organization must provide a letter to the PVCC internship instructor on company/organization letterhead acknowledging that the student has been hired for a Cooperative Education or Career Work Experience internship. The letter must include the intern’s name, beginning and end date of internship, number of hours required of intern, and an internship job title. The following is also required by Maricopa Community College District:
    Employer must complete the Experiential Education Partnership Agreement (EEPA) form and the Certificate of Insurance form. EEPA Form for Paid Internships


UNPAID INTERN: Organizations’ offering unpaid internships must comply with the Department of Labor Standards for unpaid internships and must be offered for credit.
NOTE: Due to the trade off between part-time work and internships, many students are unwilling to apply for UNPAID internships.

Organizations must complete the Experiential Education Partnership Agreement (EEPA) form and submit a Certificate of Insurance.

Step 3:

Career Services ensures that all internships meet Department of Labor (DOL) guidelines and may contact you with questions before approval. Once approved, PVCC will advertise the opportunity with appropriate faculty and to PVCC students through Maricopa CareerLink, FaceBook. If this is an ongoing internship, it will be promoted during internship presentations.

Step 4:

Career Services encourages all students to submit a targeted résumé and cover letter and apply for the internship based on employer guidelines. Career Services may also help students prepare for the interview.

In some cases, this may be the first employment opportunity for students and they might apply without seeking assistance from Career Services. If you feel that the student lacks skills in any of these areas, we encourage you to refer the student to PVCC Career Services.


During the internship:

  1. Learning Objectives: Student must complete a Worksite Information form with supervisors input. This form allows the intern supervisor, student, and Instructor to work together to set learning objectives for the internships and to set internship hours, and timelines.
  2. Risk Assessment Form: The Instructor will also contact you to complete a quick Risk Assessment Form and either the Instructor or Career Service must be allowed to conduct a site visit, if requested.
  3. Time Cards: Employer is required to use timecards to document intern’s completed hours. Student will provide the timecard for the employer’s signature and is responsible for submitting the signed timecard to his/her assigned Instructor.
  4. Student Evaluations: Employer is required to complete two evaluations (mid-term and final) of student’s progress. Student is responsible for providing the evaluation form to the employer and submitting the completed form to his/her assigned Instructor.


Cooperative Education (Co-op): 1 to 3 credits

Work-college experiences that involve the combined efforts of educators and employers to accomplish an outcome related to the career objectives of the students. Prerequisites: Student must have completed at least 12 credits, min 2.6 GPA and able to obtain a position related to student's academic/career goals or permission of Instructor. Co-requisites: Student must be co-enrolled in at least one class related to major/career interest or permission of Instructor

  • Available for a variety of majors such as Accounting, Computers/IT, General Business, Marketing, and Management, Administration of Justice, Health Science, Social Work, Biology, Math, Journalism, Music Business, etc.
  • Credit equivalencies: 1 credit = 80 hours, 2 credits = 160 hours, and 3 credits = 240 hrs.
  • Semester equivalencies: During a 15 week period: 80 hours ~ 6 hours per week, 160 hours ~ 11 hours per week, and 240 hours ~ 16 hours per week.

Career Work Experience (CWE): 3 credits only

Restricted elective for many occupational programs to help students develop workplace and employability skills. Internship is supplemented by instruction on résumé writing, branding, and interviewing skills and more.

  • Available for a variety of majors such as Accounting, Computers/IT, General Business, Marketing, and Management, Administration of Justice, Health Science, Social Work, Biology, Math, Journalism, Music Business, etc.
  • Counts toward Restricted Electives for some majors.
  • Credit equivalencies: 3 credits = 135 hours
  • Semester equivalencies: During a 15 week period: 135 hours ~ 9 hours per week

Opening a new store or branch? Need to fill multiple positions? Consider an individual employer job fair. Tables are available to employers meeting eligibility requirements on a first-come, first-serve basis. Cost is $50* per table/per day and includes two chairs. Recruiting on campus requires the completion of the PVCC On-Campus Recruiting Agreement, Facility Use Agreement, and Certificate of Insurance, which may take time to process. The Facility Use Agreement will be provided by Fiscal Office once the following have been completed. PVCC On-Campus Recruiting Agreement. If choosing this option please remember to:

  • Plan in advance – tables go quickly!
  • Register with PVCC Career Services
  • Advertise your event on campus bulletin boards and/or newspaper classifieds *This fee may be waived for employers meeting certain eligibility requirements
  • Prime time for recruiting tables is Monday - Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm

This multiple employer recruiting event provides organizations the opportunity to increase company awareness, disperse career information, and recruit potential candidates. PVCC has a variety of qualified candidates including:

  • Graduates seeking full-time careers
  • Graduates seeking entry level positions
  • Graduates with extensive experience
  • Students seeking part-time employment, internships or work experience
  • University transfer students seeking part-time employment, internships, or career work experience

Virtual Job Fair 2020

To register for the Paradise Valley Community College Virtual Career Fair for employers currently offering part-time jobs please sign on to your current account or open up a new account on the Maricopa Career Link at and select employers. Once in your account select Events and then select Sign up for the September 23, 2020 Maricopa Part Time Virtual Career Fair. Virtual Job Fair 2020

Please contact Career Services if you would like to host a recruiting event at PVCC by email: or call Career Services 602-787-7073

Center for Work Force Development Current Phoenix area labor market information. Also includes regional and national data on economic and workforce trends and issues.

Contact PVCC's Career Services office to discuss your hiring needs and we can help you recruit qualified candidates. Our tailored services include job postings, on-campus hiring events, job fairs, and employer information sessions to help you fill open positions.

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