PVCC Partnerships Inspire Mental Wellness

Monday, March 11, 2024
PVCC Partnerships Inspire Mental Wellness

There is something to be said about a fresh haircut and a sharp outfit to help one look and feel their best.

David Rodriguez, Clipdart’s chief strategy officer and lead barber, shared with students his own entrepreneurship journey and how he uses hair care to promote mental wellness. As a barber/stylist, Rodriguez shared that when you look your best, you feel your best, and then you perform at your best, and a simple haircut can improve how someone feels about themselves and their outlook on life. 

“I am deeply appreciative of David's efforts and presentation in encouraging entrepreneurial mindset and a connection between professional look and career success for our students at our campus,” said Dr. Kishore Dash, director of the Entrepreneurship Education Center, PVCC. “I loved the way he shared his life's journey and the connection between mental wellness with smart and professional look for young people. This is a value-added experience for all the participants in this event.”

While Rodriguez and another stylist provided nine haircuts, representatives from PVCC’s satellite Dress for Success Phoenix location on the Union Hills college campus, were on hand to provide professional clothing fittings for students. The non-profit not only provides professional attire, but also development tools and resources such as coaching and workshops on job procurement, resume writing, interviewing, and more. 

“Our students are entitled to feeling and looking their best, and we recognize that first impressions matter,” said Sheena Mata, student success analyst for PVCC’s Student Programs Together. “We witnessed the transformation of our students as they were fitted for business attire and received  fresh haircuts and hairstyles. Students left having gained more self-assurance and feeling prepared to face the world! PVCC is appreciative of the chance to work with Dress for Success and ClipDart and we can't wait to partner on future events and witness more students impacted by this wonderful cause! "

In addition to Dress for Success Phoenix’s satellite location, the Puma Empowerment Center also houses the Puma Food Pantry, offering an array of resources for both men and women in our community. To learn more, visit our website