National Higher Education Day Raises Awareness of College Costs

Tuesday, June 6, 2023
National Higher Education Day Raises Awareness of College Costs

In honor of National Higher Education Day, Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) and the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) celebrate its affordable pathways to learning.

According to, less than 50 percent of first-time college students finish their degree in six years. The top two reasons - financial difficulties and poor academic preparedness. Observance of National Higher Education Day, which began in 2015, is an effort to help reassure students in the United States that higher ed is for everyone, as well as promote college affordability.

Founder of National Higher Education Day Izamar Olaguez cited the many factors that make achieving a college degree difficult.

  • Expense – The cost of going to college continues to rise.
  • Indecision – Many students change their major multiple times during their college career.
  • Family – Commitments to family conflict with their educational goals.
  • Unprepared – The course work is more difficult than their current abilities and preparation
  • Mental health – They don’t have solid coping skills for the stressors of academic life. Achieving a college degree has become “something of a luxury for many Americans,” and by guiding and inspiring young adults, we can bring attention to the many ways students can fund their education.

“By preparing students in all areas of their life, finding financial resources, addressing their educational goals, as well as focusing on their total health and well-being, students will look forward to a successful high educational career path,” Olaguez said.

Pathway through Community College

Community college and its two-year degree and certificate programs is a great and affordable way to get an education. For a fraction of the cost of four-year universities, community college gives students ample opportunities to explore educational leadership, civic engagement, service, wellness, and cultural activities. Whether they intend to attain an associate degree or certificate, transfer on for a bachelor’s or higher degree, or they take one or a few courses to learn a new skill or expand their horizons, they are supported.

Community colleges:

  • are the most in-demand institutions during and following times of economic recession and support local communities regularly during times of crisis.
  • serve as an onramp to bachelor’s, master’s, and higher-level degrees for many students, particularly for demographically and socioeconomically diverse students.
  • guarantee fair admissions for all students and offer support for adult students who have to work to support their families.
  • prepare students to enter the workforce, upskill their careers, or partner with business leaders to bring cutting-edge programs to life.

PVCC and MCCCD’s network of 10 schools offer many financial avenues for pursuing an education including:

  1. Financial Aid
  2. Scholarship Opportunities
  3. Honors Program
  4. Early College for high school students

Additionally, PVCC offers flexible schedules and classes, including hybrid and online courses. The Advisement office is also highly effective at being supportive – helping students with networking opportunities, internships, and job shadowing opportunities.

Coming Fall 2023 - BA Education at PVCC


PVCC launched its first four-year bachelor’s program in Education, commencing Fall semester 2023. Flexible and affordable with personalized support, PVCC’s BA is designed to accommodate students’ hectic lives with flexible teacher training hours offered through Paradise Valley Unified School District (PVSD), enabling students to easily complete their field experience requirements.

For more information on scholarships and aid, visit our website.