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PVCC Education Grant Supports Low Income, Single-Parent Students

PVCC Education Grant Supports Low Income, Single-Parent Students

Recently, Paradise Valley Community College secured a Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (CCAMPIS) grant from the US Department of Education. The four-year grant, giving PVCC $70,000 each year through September 2025, will provide child care subsidy vouchers to eligible low-income, PVCC single-parent students, covering up to 75 percent of their tuition paid by the students in regulated off-campus, partner, child care facilities.

Taylor joins PVCC as the director and administrator of the CCAMPIS project, having taught in higher education for 13 years, as well as attended various schools in the Maricopa County Community College District.

“There is growing data illustrating that child care costs are rising at rates families, especially single-parent households, are having tremendous challenges keeping up with,” Taylor explained. “The COVID-19 pandemic added additional pressure to the child care system for most involved and we are pressed to forecast what may be on the horizon. Nevertheless, this CCAMPIS program will aid in reducing some of the challenges and pressure faced by single-parents. I am ecstatic to be part of this program that will help families in direct and useful ways.".

Chris Hunt, a PVCC academic advisor for nursing students, has regularly gone above and beyond to discover the needs of our students beyond the classroom including finding those single moms struggling to find affordable daycare while trying to better their lives and pursue a degree. When she heard of CCAMPIS she forwarded the information to her colleague and the rest is history.

“PVCC continues to remove potential barriers to student success, and covering the cost of childcare for single parents is one more way we're able to reach out to the community and show them that we are here for our students and ready to help them achieve their academic and career goals,” said Doug Berry,  Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs.

For more information about the CCAMPIS program and eligibility, click here.

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