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Learning Communities Coming Fall 2020

Learning Communities Coming Fall 2020

For newly graduated high school students, starting college in Fall 2020 is going to look very different, as well as for the foreseeable future. However, Paradise Valley Community College is offering a unique and innovative approach to learning that just might ease the transition.

PVCC’s Learning Communities (LCs) enable students to enroll in a block of courses, taken together, to create an integrated, supportive learning environment. The idea is to make learning and connecting with others more fun and attainable. Fall 2020’s line up includes three LCs offered in an online format where students and instructors will navigate this new realm of learning together.

  1. Career Building: CPD 104 (#38042) + RDG 100 (#25341). Gain insight on ways to apply reading strategies to exploring your career options.
  2. College Success: CPD 150 (#24328) + ENG 101 (#24404). Discover your personal strengths through writing and reflection to empower and prepare you for future college coursework and goal setting.
  3. Writing for the Criminal Justice System: ENG 101 (#26066) + AJS 101 (#26088). Learn to refine your research techniques and report writing skills to help you prepare for careers in the criminal justice system.

Prior students have raved about the unique learning style, saying they felt more motivated to learn, retained more information, and that it was “one of the most effective ways to learn.”

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