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Healthcare Technology Skills in High Demand

Healthcare Technology Skills in High Demand

Already experienced in the healthcare or information technology fields, or just starting out?  These fields are two of the fastest growing career paths right now, and PVCC’s Healthcare Technology Systems (HTS) program combines the two to prepare students for numerous professional opportunities. If you, or someone you know, already has a degree or works in one of these fields, and is looking to expand your knowledge or re-career, then the HTS Certificate (CCL) might be just what you are looking for.

 “Courses teach students a combination of IT and healthcare-related subjects, including data integration, web design, database management and healthcare operations. These are critical skills for HIT professionals,” said Abby Rusu, PVCC Residential Faculty and HTS Program Director. “We are excited to introduce a new course (HTM 230) that combines Healthcare Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, all emerging technologies in the industry.”

Graduates can expect to work as systems analysts, data analysts, programmers, informaticists and developers for major hospital groups, insurers, public health offices and government agencies. The median salary for Healthcare IT professionals is $90,000.

Adrionna Hatfield, PVCC graduate of the HTS program says, “I pursued a career in this field because it combined my longstanding interest in healthcare, my natural propensity with project management, and the assurance of career longevity.” Hatfield, who now works as a Program Manager for CVS Health, encourages others to enter the HTS program because “there is a great need for individuals that understand the inter-connectivity of the industry. This program gives you more than just a brief introduction; it provides the “big picture” and a skill set to confidently enter into the work force.”

PVCC also offers an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) in HTS. After earning an AAS, “students who would like to transfer to NAU on the NAU90/30 program, can transfer up to 90 credits and take their upper division classes without ever leaving PVCC.  This is an efficient and savvy way to obtain a Bachelor’s degree,” explained Rusu. In addition, ASU offers a Biomedical Informatics or Health Sciences program and UofA offers a Data Analytics program.

Read success stories about HTS graduates, Adrionna Hatfield and Jazzmyn Bissenas, now working in the field.

Ready to get started? Introduction to Healthcare IT Systems (HTM150) starts March 16, 2020 online through PVCC.

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