Jazzmyn Bissenas

Jazzmyn’s enrollment at PVCC was her second attempt at pursuing her dream of higher education.  At 19 years of age, she attended a private college, however, that proved to not be a good fit.  Several years later she thought, “What if I went back to college?”  She started out with the foundational math and English classes at PVCC and was determined to learn a computer language.  This idea of learning a new language was both “exciting and energizing” and served to inspire her as she moved forward.

Thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement she received from faculty member Abby Rusu, Jazzmyn successfully persisted in two of Professor Rusu’s classes.  She also took a “very tough” Economics course with Bahman Maneshni.  He, too, has been an advocate for Jazzmyn’s success.  She appreciates the perspective she gained via the two classes in Foreign Films that she took with Gary Zaro.  A highlight of Jazzmyn’s extracurricular engagement was the Foreign Film Movie Nights offered on campus.  Jazzmyn was also a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

PVCC was a welcoming environment and Jazzmyn felt very comfortable in classes due to the fairly small size and the fact that the faculty are both personable and approachable.   When she started at PVCC in 2013, she was struggling with managing her disabilities.  “Life was chaotic and disorderly.  PVCC gave me purpose and the opportunity to work on my mental illnesses and overcome them. PVCC has played a huge role in my life.”  Jazzmyn proves to be an inspiration to others and that inspiration begins at home with two of her five children following in her footsteps and pursuing their educations at PVCC.

Upon completing her degree, Jazzmyn interned at the PVCC Health Science Center working on developing a database management system.  This opportunity piqued her interest in pursuing a Masters in Data Base Management.

Jazzmyn currently is a full-time student at NAU and works full-time as a Member Concierge with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona plus manages a household of five children.  “It is a lot of work, but very rewarding!” Her current employment will give her an insider’s perspective as she strives to move into the area of Database Management.