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Learning Opportunities for Fall 2020

Learning Opportunities for Fall 2020

You need the best educational experience you can get this Fall. And whether you’re taking your first college class, studying at the undergraduate level, or transferring to finish your degree, PVCC offers a variety of learning options. Study from home, an office, a park or the coffee shop - anywhere you have an Internet connection. Nearly all of our programs are now available online, so you can accomplish your educational goals while balancing your life.

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FAQs About Online Learning

What’s the difference between in-person and Live Online, online and hybrid classes?
For the Fall 2020 semester, the majority of PVCC’s classes will be taught in Live Online, Online or Hybrid formats. Face-to-face classes on campus are limited to only a few programs. With Live Online, you will meet weekly with your instructor at your scheduled class time, allowing you to interact with your instructor and classmates. With Online classes, you have no set time in which you need to be in front of your computer. You’ll still participate – only instead of in-person lectures, it will be through weekly online assignments. As the name suggests, Hybrid classes are a blend of both Face-to-Face and Online, and are mainly for Fire Science, Nursing, EMT, Physical Education and Occupational classes.

Are Live Online, Online or Hybrid classes harder than Face-to-face classes?
Online classes are no more or less difficult than campus classes – you’re just spending more time on your computer. From the support of your academic advisors and instructors, to tutoring services, and even our Technology Help Desk, we’re here to help when you need it.

Are there benefits to taking Live Online, Online or Hybrid classes?
There are many benefits to enrolling in these learning options. PVCC believes in providing affordable, accessible education catering to your own schedule that helps you stay on track with your educational goals. Our online platform allows you to personalize your college experience to how you learn best. What’s more, these learning options allow you to stay motivated and learn more, while still balancing other life priorities.

Do online classes cost more?
No. PVCC’s tuition is the same for all learning options and is very affordable. In fact, the average annual tuition for a full-time student attending one of the MCCCD's ten community colleges is about $2,070 ($85 per credit hour/24 hours/2 semesters). Earning scholarships, grants and other aid can also help you lower your costs.

Are all of PVCC’s classes offered online?
For now, the majority of PVCC’s Fall 2020 will be offered in a Live Online, Online or Hybrid format. Only a limited number of classes will be offered Face-to-Face. If you have questions about your learning options, please feel free to contact us at 602-787-7000 or, or take a look at our Fall class schedule for more details.

What are the minimum system requirements to take Live Online, Online or Hybrid classes?
To participate in PVCC's Fall classes, we have free resources available to download or for web access. In addition, you may need a working camera and microphone for your computer. For more information, please visit our technology training page.

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We have flexible start dates to fit your schedule. Classes fill up quickly so don’t delay!

Aaron F.
Aaron F.

Learning in the online setting has helped me appreciate the wonders of modern technology. Thirty years ago, it would not have been possible to teach students all over the world through telecommunications. It has also helped me to pursue other hobbies. With [my free time], I can do the things I want to do at the times I feel compelled to do them. 

 Allison R.
Allison R.

Taking some of my classes online with PVCC [allows me to] get the work done on my own time and wherever works best for me; sometimes that's at my desk but that's also sometimes on my couch with my dogs in my lap. The professors make it easy to succeed by keeping us accountable and motivated, and making the class interactive. I'm grateful that I haven't had to delay my studies simply because I couldn't physically be in the classroom.

Low Textbook Cost

Textbook and course materials fees are contributing to the rising cost of higher education. To address this challenge, PVCC provides a resource  where you can now pursue an entire degree program that offers no cost or low cost (less than $40) textbooks throughout all courses within the program.

 Tab H.
Tab H.

The online format is great because it is very convenient and many times, lessons are pre-recorded so you can rewatch them and never get behind. These are strange times for everyone, but the teachers do an amazing job delivering the content, so we can learn and get ahead. Additionally, you are at the comfort of your home, allowing you to be more comfortable and organized!