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Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Engagement

Welcome to the CTLEE - Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Engagement

The mission of the CTLEE is to provide support for employee and organizational learning for the continuous improvement of student learning, success, and achievement through the personal and professional growth of all employees, work units, and functional areas within our institution.

Employee Engagement and Development Goals for FY2022-2024 Include:

• Develop programming that welcomes and encourages engagement, collaboration, innovation, diversity, and inclusion. (PVCC Strategic Goal 3A)
• Promote excellence in teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. (PVCC Strategic Goal 1B)
• Provide opportunities to explore methods of improved teaching, learning, instructional design, and emerging technologies. (PVCC Strategic Goal 1B)

Guiding Principles and Assumptions:

1) Enhancing student success is at the core of what we do. (PVCC vision and mission)

2) As continuous learners, all faculty, staff, and administrators will be enabled to participate in professional and personal growth. (Core value of learning)

3) Employee engagement programming will be informed and developed based upon national educational initiatives, district and college strategic planning and feedback from stakeholders. (PVCC Learning-Centered College Indicators)

4) Employee engagement activities will be designed with evidence-based and generally accepted best practices, with learning outcomes approach, and will be assessed for continuous improvement measures. (PVCC Learning Center College Indicators)

5) Employee engagement offerings will be cross-college and cross-functional, and designed to break down silos and encourage relationship building. (PVCC Learning Center College Indicators)

6) Faculty development offerings should be inclusive of all faculty (residential, adjunct, and short-term) whenever appropriate. (Core value of learning)

7) Staff development offerings should be inclusive of all staff (full-time approved, part-time, and temporary) whenever appropriate. (Core value of learning)

8) Professional development programming should be designed to be meaningful and connected to people’s roles and responsibilities. (PVCC Strategic Plan Goal 3)

9) Current and emerging professional development programs will continue to receive financial support. (PVCC Strategic Plan Goal 3)

10) Employee engagement activities will be offered in a variety of modalities (in-person, virtual, cohort-based, etc.) and offerings (recorded sessions, webinars, online courses, etc.). (PVCC Learning-Centered College Indicators)