Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations


Students are no longer required to obtain a parking decal for PVCC student parking. All other parking regulations still apply.

An area posted with short-term parking limits from ten to forty-five minutes may be used for the purpose of conducting short-term business in the facility it primarily services.

Parking a vehicle in a designated parking space that displays a disabled parking sign, a painted disabled insignia or both, without a current disabled parking permit issued by the State of Arizona is prohibited. These areas are reserved twenty-four (24) hours daily.

Red curbs are no-parking zones. Parking in Red zones, entrances to buildings, driveways, in front of garbage dumpsters, barricades, fire lanes and fire hydrants is prohibited.

Driving into and parking in any area not designated for use or closed by the use of barricades, chains, or other vehicle control devices is prohibited.

Parking a vehicle on or blocking pedestrian paths, sidewalks, crosswalks, striped safety zones, and on bicycle paths is prohibited.

Parking a vehicle in such a manner as to impede or obstruct properly parked/moving vehicles is prohibited.

Parking a bicycle or motorized cycle in areas other than those designated for such parking is prohibited.

Where parking stall lines are marked, operators must park their vehicles within the stall lines. Parking outside such stall lines is prohibited. In diagonal spaces, vehicles must be parked facing the center line. No pulling through or backing into spaces is permitted.

Temporary absence of a sign at the entrance of a parking area does not signal the removal of restrictions or reservations upon the area. If reservation hours are altered or restrictions are changed, notices will be posted and the change will be effective immediately.