Chapter Officer Responsibilities



  • Prepare meeting agendas and lead meetings
  • Appoint and establish necessary committees
  • Vote only in the case of a tie
  • Develop goals for the chapter with help from other officers and advisors
  • Oversee chapter projects
  • Oversee award entry preparation
  • Provide regular updates to the chapter advisor(s)

Vice-President of Scholarship

  • Encourage academic excellence
  • Oversee all Honors in Action projects
  • Coordinate the chapter’s participation in the Honors Case Study Challenge
  • Coordinate the preparation of the chapter’s Honors in Action Awards entries
  • Educate chapter members about PTK Connect

Vice President of Leadership

  • Direct the chapter in the use of parliamentary procedure for meetings
  • Oversee the leadership components of the chapter’s Honors in Action project
  • Assist the Vice-President of Scholarship in preparation of the chapter’s Honors in Action Awards entries
  • Promote member participation in Five Star Competitive Edge

Vice President of Service

  • Oversee the service components of the chapter’s Honors in Action project

Vice President of Membership

  • Promote the chapter at all levels of the Society;
  • Implement strategies to increase membership acceptance;
  • Promote and oversee all leadership recruitment activities;
  • Compile regular email updates with meeting minutes, chapter event information, and important dates to remember, which shall be sent to all members; and
  • Maintain chapter email account with assistance from the Advisor(s).
  • Fulfill a minimum of one office hour per week.

Vice President of Fundraising

  • Maintain fiscal account for the society;
  • Receive and deposit all monies and process all fiscal forms, including requisitions and purchase orders, subject to approval by the Chapter Advisor(s), the Honors Coordinator, and the college fiscal agent,
  • Keep a set of books which shall be audited and notarized before the office is relinquished; and
  • Make a report of finances at each business meeting.
  • Understand and keep record of all regulations and procedures for hosting fundraising events;
  • Organize and oversee all fundraising events for the chapter;
  • Keep all records of past fundraising events;
  • Compile contact information for organizations that assist in fundraising activities; and
  • Organize chapter participation in the Regional Marketplace; and
  • Write and send out all “thank you” letter to chapter sponsors.

Recording Officer

  • Take and present minutes at each chapter meeting
  • Keep records of all chapter activities
  • Maintain a system of documenting the chapter’s history (examples include but are not limited to journaling, blogging, a chapter website, filing copies of chapter award entries)
  • Place a copy of all historical records in the chapter files or share access to electronic files with the chapter advisor at the end of the officer term

Public Relations Officer

  • Promote Phi Theta Kappa at all levels of the organization
  • Write and submit articles to the campus and community media outlets
  • Oversee and maintain the chapter’s website, social media, email and/or newsletter communications
  • Take pictures at all chapter events
  • Share significant chapter news and events with Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters at