Dance Careers

Dance Careers

Career Opportunities in Dance

There are many career avenues a graduating dancer can pursue. It is important to understand that while some careers only require an undergraduate degree at the entry level, most will demand appropriate postgraduate degrees, certifications, specific skills and/or experience. Students with specific career goals should meet with an adviser for detailed information about requirements unique to their chosen fields.

Dancers can teach the technique and artistry of dance to students in public/private schools from pre-school through 12th grade. As an Artist-in-Education, they can provide kinesthetic movement experiences in all academic areas for all grade levels. They can instruct students with special needs. They can have knowledge on how to teach in and/or manage a dance studio. They can participate in providing dance instruction for adult dance programs, including programs for senior citizens. They can have experience producing dance concerts. Choreography is another aspect of their knowledge. This will enable them to create work for theatrical productions. The following is a list of employment possibilities.


Elementary/secondary schools


Dance Studios

International teaching/coaching

Department of Defense schools/bases


Arts-in-Education programs (movement/dance specialist)


Dance Company member

Community Theater

Guest performer


Elementary/secondary schools


Dance Studios

Arts-in-Education programs (movement/dance specialist)

Dance Companies

Theater Companies

Health and Wellness

Fitness clubs (Aerobic and Fitness instructors, personal trainers)

Youth Organizations (YMCA/YWCA, Girls/boys Clubs, etc.)

Dance Studios

Movement Therapy

Dance Administration

Administrator within a Dance Company

Administrator of a Dance Studio

Administrator of Dance Camps

Dance Information

Media Dance reviewer

Dance reporter

Dance Promoter


Grant Writer

Special events planner

Dance Performance Presenter/sponsor