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Welcome to the Reading Webpage of Paradise Valley Community College.

The Reading Department at PVCC offers a range of courses to meet the interests and needs of our students in different levels of academic expertise, and a wide selection of disciplines.

We offer Developmental Reading courses (course numbers below 100) as foundational courses in college reading, as well as general and discipline-specific reading courses (course numbers above 100) for the college-ready student.

For speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL), our series of developmental and college- level Reading classes helps prepare non-native speakers of English for college-level academic reading.

For the advanced student, we offer the university-transfer courses Successful College Reading(RDG100/111/112/113) and College Critical Reading (CRE101). CRE101 is a requirement for all Associates Degrees, and it also carries the General Education Designation of Literacy and Critical Inquiry (L). CRE101 classes are offered in online and in person formats.

Whether you seek a traditional classroom experience or an online or hybrid version, PVCC has a diverse faculty committed to providing excellent instruction to help you develop reading comprehension, critical reading and study skills to ensure success in your personal, academic and professional pursuits.

Students typically begin with a placement test to assess the starting point of their path in furthering their reading comprehension skills. Information on placement testing, course sequence, course skills and competencies etc. are detailed in the Frequently Asked Questions section in Related Pages on the menu on the right. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the English Division as it relates to Reading is to help students develop comprehensive literacy skills including disciplinary and information technology literacy and critical thinking skills as a means to achieve personal, academic and professional goals. This mission is accomplished through academic classes focused on a range of inter-related literacy skills including critical thinking, the structure of arguments, academic writing, reading in the disciplines, and study skills, as well as phonics and vocabulary development.

Schedule for RDG classes

Schedule for Critical Reading (CRE 101)