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Heather Rausch


Heather’s commitment to lifelong learning and strong leadership qualities provided the driving force behind her aspiration to be the first in her family to graduate from college. PVCC was her college of choice due to the comfortable campus environment, convenient location and the great atmosphere the college offered for learning. 

Heather’s family were hard workers who inspired her to go after anything she desired. Knowing that she was interested in being a leader within business and her community, pursuing higher education was, in her mind, important in achieving that.  While working full time and taking full time classes, Heather was able to explore different areas of study and ended up shifting her focus of study a couple of times to find what perfectly suited her. Heather shared, “The financial benefit of doing this through the community college versus the university is significant.”

Heather entered PVCC “striving for something more and appreciated the learning environment was conducive to laying the foundation for me to continue to learn and grow.” Heather shared, “This mindset and ‘can do spirit’ is supported and nurtured at PVCC.”

Heather remarked, “The instructors shared relevant information. Their educational background coupled with their real life professional experience was particularly helpful. It wasn’t just book work they were teaching, the faculty really seemed to model what they taught and their expertise was valuable.”

In characterizing PVCC to others, Heather stated, “I would tell them that I think PVCC is a great place to start; a place to gather relevant information to move your life forward.  You will find quality instruction and a supportive environment.”

“The positive experience I had at PVCC helped me to gain important knowledge and skills and that experience encouraged me to continue on in my college career. Juggling work and school was not always easy however it was incredibly worth it.” Heather moved on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Ottawa University.

She recommends PVCC as it is an opportunity to invest in yourself. Heather says, “investing in yourself and going after your dreams will always yield great results when you are committed to persevering, no matter what, AND are willing to put in the work.” This mindset guided Heather during her time at PVCC and still guides her as she has become a respected leader and connector of business and community.                             

Ten years ago, Heather started her company Foxfire Events after owning several businesses and having worked in the corporate world for many years. As a family member, Heather has been known as the glue that bonds her family together.  Now, she is the glue that connects the community she serves.