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Flomo Gibson


“My overall experiences at PVCC were excellent. If I were to start over, I would not attend any other college but PVCC.” Those glowing remarks are from PVCC Alumnus, Flomo Gibson.  Flomo moved from Liberia to Phoenix in 2005. He enrolled in PVCC due to its proximity to home which allowed him to ride his bike to class every day.

Flomo’s instructors made a great impact on his experience at PVCC. Student Advisor and Athletic Department staff person An’Tony De’Shay gave Flomo a piece of lasting wisdom. “I visited his office one day because I was frustrated with the classes. He looked me in the eyes and said ‘Flo, you are where you are supposed to be, one class at a time,’” Flomo said.  “Ever since, I have learned to deal with issues one at a time. This method has worked for me time after time.”

A Political Science class changed Flomo’s life. “When I was growing up, I wanted to be a civil engineer, until I took a class with Debbie Arn. Her vast knowledge and ability to teach political science gave me a different perspective,” he said. "I learned so much from her class that I went on to get an undergraduate degree in Political Science with an emphasis in international relations from Brigham Young University.”

Outside of the classroom, Flomo was involved with the Black Student Association and was a student-athlete. “One thing I really enjoyed was to play on the men’s football team (soccer). My two years with the team were memorable because I was doing something I love to do,” Flomo said.  “I played football my entire life and it was always a dream to play for a higher institution outside of high school.”

Flomo says that no student at PVCC is ever alone. “PVCC is a great institution. The diversity on campus was one thing I really enjoyed and there were activities for all students. No matter what background a student comes from, the campus has resources and activities that fit the students’ needs,” he said. “As an immigrant to the U.S., my first experience was very vital to help me integrate in the U.S. culture. PVCC offered that to me at no cost.”

Additionally, Flomo always found help and smiling faces with Allison Livingston and the Learning Center staff and tutors.

“PVCC was inclusive of all students. There was not a day I felt left out,” Flomo said. “The lessons I learned from PVCC enabled me to be able to work as a social worker for the Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disability for five and a half years before venturing to become a police officer for the City of Phoenix.” In addition to Flomo’s professional accomplishments is his Master’s degree in Public Administration from ASU.