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Adam Wong

Adam Wong

Upon graduating from Paradise Valley High School, Adam knew he wanted to immediately transition into college. Finances were tight, and PVCC made it easy and very affordable. The financial aid department helped him secure Pell grants, “which made attending PVCC a no brainer since 100% of my tuition was being covered.”

It is easy for Adam to recall the most memorable aspect of his student experience at PVCC. Adam met his wife in class nearly 20 years ago.  They continued to stay in touch after having completed this course.  Several years later they started dating and later married.  In addition to creating a thriving family, they own a business and work together.

Adam describes PVCC as “a great college where students can receive a valuable college education without the hustle and bustle of attending a university. The campus is beautiful and constantly growing. Furthermore, the leadership at PVCC truly cares about their students and faculty, cultivating a positive experience for all.” 

In speaking with someone considering PVCC as their educational provider, Adam says he “would recommend PVCC.” In doing so he would “refer to the success my wife and I have had as a result of attending PVCC. Not to mention, my best friend also attended PVCC and he, too, has a successful career - the proof is in the results.” Additionally, Adam went on to complete his bachelor’s degree from NAU, via classes offered on the PVCC campus. Adam found the transition to the NAU program to be “seamless.”

When asked to tell about his experiences at PVCC and how they have contributed to the person he is today, Adam shared, “Without PVCC, I'm not sure I would have been able to attend college. It's hard to imagine what my life would be like if I never started my college experience. Therefore, PVCC was the catalyst that launched me into furthering my education. I continued on to get my Bachelors in business, then returned years later to receive my MBA. Without PVCC, none of that might have happened. So, I guess I could say I probably wouldn't be where I am today.”

Adam’s commitment to PVCC is evident as he continues to give back to the college as a speaker sharing his insight and experience as an entrepreneur with students via PVCC’s Entrepreneurial Education Center.