Academic Success Coaching & Tutoring

Academic Coaching & Tutoring

Success Coaching

Coaching can be especially helpful for new students who may not be familiar with PVCC’s many resources, services, and programs. Work/life/school balance can be overwhelming and we’re here to help!
Each semester, PTC staff offers complimentary coaching for students in goal-setting, time management and study skills. If you haven’t heard from us, call us today!

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Students looking to receive additional support in specific subjects can sign up to meet with an PTC tutor, receiving assistance with comprehension and review materials. Sessions take place in a group setting, where students are able to practice and share information amongst their peers or receive valuable, one-on-one interaction during sessions. Our staff helps you obtain valuable life skills, balancing school work with family and other obligations, as well as establish ways to up your game in order to do better in school.

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