Peer Leader Program

Peer Leader Program

Do you have a question but not sure whom to ask? Would you feel more comfortable talking to another student rather than starting with a faculty or staff member? Then you are in luck, we have a peer support program that does just that. Peer Leaders are current PVCC students or recent graduates who can help you navigate the challenges of your college experience. College can be overwhelming, and your peers want to support you through this journey.

The peer leader program is designed to be a proactive peer support system by Field of Interest (FOI) that is available to help during your college journey at PVCC. Peer Leaders will be helping to build awareness of FOI and assist in sharing information on FOI events and activities with students. Peer leaders will also be critical in providing student referrals and will assist with navigation and connection to support services based on inquiries and discussion.

peer leader

Below are just a few things a Peer Leaders can help with:

  • Share tips and tricks about the college experience you can use throughout the year
  • Share tips with you on how to get the most out of all of our resources and services
  • Support you to make a successful transition to college life
  • Share how to get involved with clubs and extracurricular activities in this “new normal”
  • Introduce you to resources to get additional support if we can’t answer your specific questions