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PVCC Strategic Planning for the Future


Welcome to PVCC’s Strategic Planning Webpage. The strategic planning process is critical to realizing our institution’s vision and values that is anchored in the foundation of PVCC and furthers our efforts to support the success of our students and community. An institution’s strategic plan should be, among other things, a tool used to communicate the most important efforts the college is working towards, and we are working to create a document that does just that.

Building on the thoughtful work of the Futures and TACT task forces (see below), we are designing our next Strategic Plan.  President Hunter will share the new plan at the Fall 2023 convocation.  Stay tuned here for updates throughout the year!

What’s next?  

Fall 2022 

  • Our team is divided into three subgroups:  Communications, Internal Analysis, and External Analysis/Environmental Scan. We will share draft findings with the college community and facilitate discussions throughout the year.
  • Student Faculty and Staff focus groups/listening sessions to get your input on the future of PVCC, what priorities we should have, and the direction we should go
  • Campus-wide survey  - early December

Please contact anyone on the work team with questions or other suggestions.

PVCC Strategic Plan Work Team members

Heather Robinson Reaume

Student Senator

Susan Bonnell

Adjunct Faculty, Psychology; Adjunct Faculty Coordinator

Norma Chandler

Manager, Student Care and Conduct

Brianna DeGeus

Exec Director, Strategic Partnerships

Lori Espinoza

Project Manager

Herman Gonzalez

VP Admin Services, Executive Sponsor

Dynorah Harries

Recruiter, Student Affairs

Sandra Hinski

Dean, CTE

Huu Hoang

Fiscal Director, Finance and Administration

Josh Krek

Adjunct Faculty and Network Engineer, IT

Ilse Kremer

Faculty, Science

Gretchen Lebron Weed

Library Specialist Supervisor

Loretta Mondragon

Assoc Dean, Admin Services

Audrey Moreno

Early College and Staff Representative

Sherri Ondrus

AVP Strategic Planning, IE

Sean Petty

Faculty, IT and Chair of Chairs

Yoel Lopez Rato

Fiscal Manager, Finance and Administration 

Amina Simmons

Executive Director, DEI

Jon Storslee

Faculty, IT, Faculty Senate President-Elect 

Corey Weidner



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Strategic Plan

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

An aspirational roadmap identifying key priorities that, along with the Futures and TACT task force recommendations, create a foundation for PVCC to achieve success.

Futures Executive Summary

Futures Executive Summary

PVCC’s blueprint to how to purposefully shift, staying relevant and reimagining how we deliver teaching, learning, and student support during these uncertain times. The report provides high-level takeaways from the President, as well as a breakdown of the task force’s research and identified priorities.

TACT Executive Summary

TACT Executive Summary

In response to the numerous social injustices and subsequent protests nationally and internationally, TACT was formed as a working sub-group of PVCC’s Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Engagement Committee, tackling these issues as they pertain to hiring and onboarding, training and professional development, events, curriculum, advocacy, student scholarships, and campus climate.

Strategic Priority #1

Infographic with PVCC's current student degree/completion and transfer rates and aspirational targets.

In the April 2022 "What's on My Mind" college message, former President Dr. Dale encouraged all of us "...to look for ways to support students by living the Puma Commitment" and thanked everyone "...in advance for that one extra nudge, word of encouragement, or positive affirmation – all of which make a positive difference" in supporting student success.  

Student degree/certificate completion and transfer rates are driven by leading measures such as successful completion of college-level math and English during the first year, overall course success rates, and credit accumulation.  This infographic shows PVCC’s current rates and our aspirational targets that are a part of our strategic plan; we are committed to sharing our progress with the PVCC community.