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PVCC Futures: Re-Imagining the Learning Experience | 2023

PVCC Futures: Reimagining the Learning Experience 2023 is a compilation of aspirations, ideas and strategic directions forged into three plans to move Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) boldly and confidently into the future. 

While launching our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, recent events across the country and in our community led us to take a closer look at the challenges we face preparing for the future. It forced us to assess on a deeper level how we can support our students, faculty and staff while moving through and beyond the global pandemic. In Spring 2020, several dozen faculty and staff stepped up and formed two task forces - Futures Think Tank and Take Action College Team (TACT) for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The groups collaboratively devised recommendations on ways PVCC can remain accessible, relevant, socially just, organizationally sustainable, and, above all else, a thriving college for upcoming generations of learners.These significant initiatives outline the following key objectives:

  1. Keep our college viable and relevant post pandemic
  2. Support cultural change
  3. Challenge the status quo
  4. Emerge as a substantially better college

We hope you find these reports both thought-provoking and inspiring as we reaffirm our commitment to our students, faculty and staff, and the community-at-large.

Strategic Plan

2021-2023 Strategic Plan

An aspirational roadmap identifying key priorities that, along with the Futures and TACT task force recommendations, create a foundation for PVCC to achieve success.

Futures Executive Summary

Futures Executive Summary

PVCC’s blueprint to how to purposefully shift, staying relevant and reimagining how we deliver teaching, learning, and student support during these uncertain times. The report provides high-level takeaways from the President, as well as a breakdown of the task force’s research and identified priorities.

TACT Executive Summary

TACT Executive Summary

In response to the numerous social injustices and subsequent protests nationally and internationally, TACT was formed as a working sub-group of PVCC’s Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Engagement Committee, tackling these issues as they pertain to hiring and onboarding, training and professional development, events, curriculum, advocacy, student scholarships, and campus climate.

Strategic Priority #1
Infographic with PVCC's current student degree/completion and transfer rates and aspirational targets.

In the April 2022 "What's on My Mind" college message, former President Dr. Dale encouraged all of us " look for ways to support students by living the Puma Commitment" and thanked everyone " advance for that one extra nudge, word of encouragement, or positive affirmation – all of which make a positive difference" in supporting student success.  

Student degree/certificate completion and transfer rates are driven by leading measures such as successful completion of college-level math and English during the first year, overall course success rates, and credit accumulation.  This infographic shows PVCC’s current rates and our aspirational targets that are a part of our strategic plan; we are committed to sharing our progress with the PVCC community.

Download the Infographic