PVCC’s 2024 Honors Students Celebrate Year-end Debate and Showcase

Monday, June 10, 2024
PVCC’s 2024 Honors Students Celebrate Year-end Debate and Showcase

Paradise Valley Community College (PVCC) recently wrapped up its thrilling 2024 Honors Debate and Showcase, marking an unforgettable conclusion to a successful semester. Fifty PVCC Honors students presented their posters; and the winners are:

  • First place: Scarlett Louis - ECN212, Professor Brian Goegan

"Fashionomics: Analyzing the Economics of Looking Fabulous

“This essay explores the multifaceted dynamics of the fashion industry, delving into the intersections of law, culture, and economics. Legal protections foster innovation and economic stability, while consumer behavior shifts in response to fast fashion and societal influences. Cultural shifts, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, underscore the industry's need for adaptability and sustainability.”

  • Second place: Makayla Price - MKT271, Professor Dina Preston

"Create Your Story at the Entrepreneurship Education Center" 

“A marketing campaign to raise awareness about the Entrepreneurship Education Center offered at PVCC. It’s a strategy to increase attendance and awareness of the program while sharing the opportunities and knowledge that is offered to PVCC students and surrounding community members. The campaign/strategy is developed using marketing techniques covered in MKT271.” 

  • Third place: Connor Vartanian - MUC295, Professor Brett Reed

"Making a Shoegaze Track: How I Sold Out and You Can Too" 

“In 2024, anybody under the age of 25 that you ask is probably aware of an internet-based movement of music labeled as, "Shoegaze/Grunge/Emo Revitalization." This sound, specifically, has made its way between the nooks and crannies of the local scene here in Phoenix. I believe with just the right setup, cost-effectively, you can achieve this sound from the comfort of your own bedroom.”

Results of the debate from Dr. Felicia Ramirez’s COM225 class include the winning teams in bold. 

  • Debate #1: Colleges should continue to require students to take general education courses to obtain a degree.

Team 4 (For): Alexia Olguin, Esther Malish, Kennedy Schmidt, Will Zhou, Lily Houston

Team 2 (Against): Evelyn Morales Bayona, Oscar Gonzales, Daniel Haydon, Noah Kugler, Savannah Clock

  • Debate #2: FYE Classes are a beneficial requirement.

Team 3 (For): Jacob Vonnahme, Victoria Pineda, Kevin Adame, Emmerson Douglass, Ella Mae Mckinnon

Team 1 (Against): Lily McBride, Kate Scalabrin, Kiera Damron, Leo Sierra, Jorge Olmos Ibarra

Students were appreciative of the number of faculty, staff, and administrators who wanted to engage with them outside the classroom. Special thanks to: Stephanie Bjork, James Rubin, David Pegram, Margarita Leyva, Lili Kang, Marie Thearle, Paula Crossman, Pat Pomphrey, Michael Noschka, Julie Thompson, Brian Goegan, Julie Lazzara, Ilse Kremer, Sean Petty, Sandra Hinski, Shannon Manuelito, Jessica Parsons, and Julie Olander.

For additional information about PVCC’s Honors Program, visit Honors | Paradise Valley Community College.