PVCC Faculty Rocks the Mic with Educational Podcast

Monday, April 1, 2024
PVCC Faculty Rocks the Mic with Educational Podcast

Recently recognized as one of the top 40 educational podcasts in Arizona, TOASTEDU is a blend of practical tips, insightful conversations, and a collaborative spirit – all designed to ignite creativity and empower listeners.

Created by Sam Fraulino, Paradise Valley Community College’s Senior Software Developer, the idea ignited pre-pandemic while having coffee and toast with a colleague. Post-pandemic, Fraulino ramped up the show focusing on short episodes revolving around what’s trending in instructional media. 

“The main goal is to give a voice to faculty who want to share and collaborate with an instructional developer with 30-years experience. We want to innovate and inspire others to create and play with digital media that will enhance teaching and learning,” Fraulino said. 

Based out of PVCC’s Center for Teaching, Learning, and Employee Engagement (CTLEE), the podcast doesn't just inform, it fosters a collaborative spirit. Regularly featuring guest appearances, TOASTEDU allows educators to share their current projects, discuss emerging trends in classrooms, and delve into software and equipment reviews. This creates a space for faculty and instructional developers to learn from each other and spark new ideas.

“Being recognized on this list with nationwide viewership will not only increase listenership but also connect our podcast with other educational podcasts across the state, fostering collaboration and content sharing,” Fraulino said. “The podcast's inclusion on various websites and search results further expands its reach, attracting a wider audience of educators eager to learn and innovate.”

As for the future of TOASTEDU, Fraulino is actively working on incorporating video streaming into episodes, featuring product and equipment demos, as well as showcasing software and web tools specifically designed for instructional purposes. He would also like to include more student participation and create an active engagement in the learning process for students. 

To catch TOASTEDU, access Spotify at https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/toastedu or the official PVCC page at https://learn.maricopa.edu/courses/1260717. The commitment to delivering valuable content in various formats caters to diverse learning styles and ensures there's something for everyone in the TOASTEDU community.