PVCC Art Student's Journey from Lens to Digital Canvas

Monday, May 6, 2024
PVCC Art Student's Journey from Lens to Digital Canvas

Meet Larry Norban, a 91-year-old Paradise Valley Community College art student who is captivating hearts and minds across campus and the valley with his unique digital art. Age might have slowed Norban down physically, but in front of a computer with his photography and creative software, he is exploring the world through digital art. 

His latest piece titled “Abstract Art 121” is on display at Gallerium, an online platform dedicated to showcasing the works of both emerging talents and established artists. The piece is a culmination of Norban’s exploration into digital artistry using various Photoshop techniques and offers a glimpse into his evolving perspective on colors, shapes, and artistry.

Norban’s artistic journey didn’t begin with pixels and screens, rather it can be traced back to childhood and the first time he picked up a camera at the young age of 10. After taking several classes and joining a camera club, Norban’s interest peaked in 1955 while stationed in Angouleme Charente, France with the United State Army. Norban has always enjoyed photography and seeing the world through the lens of a camera; his favorite subject matter – landscape photography and animals.

"I love it so much," said Norban, who still manages an outdoor adventure once in a while, most recently to Yellowstone where he photographed buffalo, elk, and mountain goats. "Photography and art fill up my days and I enjoy it."

However, it wasn’t until 2019 that Norban embarked on his journey at PVCC where he began to delve into how technology could enhance his craft. Under the guidance of his professor and mentor, George Sudduth, better known around campus as ‘Kip’, Norban began to explore abstract photography. 

"Larry is one of the most inspirational students I've ever encountered over my tenure in education since I began in 1975,” said Sudduth, adjunct art professor, PVCC. “He not only is an exceptional learner but applies his personal visualizations into actuality whether creating Reality or Virtual Abstractions. His work is important to the value of artistic photographic creativity."

Despite his age, Norban remains an avid explorer, recently visiting Salt River Recreation with a group of fellow classmates, where they captured the landscape beauty of our local parks, as well as wild horses roaming free. And this isn’t the first time Norban’s work has been celebrated on display: Norban has also showcased his work at the Maricopa County Community College District's annual fundraiser in 2023 at the Phoenix Art Museum, a recent Scottsdale Ranch Community Art Show, and honorable mention at PVCC's 2023 Student Art Exhibition last fall. 

Norban’s story is a poignant reminder that creativity knows no age limits; through his unwavering dedication and boundless imagination, Norban is embracing the beauty of the world, one abstract masterpiece at a time.

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