Feeling Overwhelmed? PVCC Counseling Can Help!

Monday, October 3, 2022
Feeling Overwhelmed? PVCC Counseling Can Help!

Did you know that Paradise Valley Community College counselors can help you keep your mental health in check? Visiting with a PVCC counselor is free and can support you with an array of problem solving methods.

Often, students think counseling only applies to big life altering events that lead to anxiety, depression or worse. However, PVCC counselors are equipped to help you with day-to-day distractions and frustrations as well. They help incorporate time management, goal setting, and thought processes to help you succeed. Yes, your college advisors will assist you with picking your Field of Interest, selecting classes and identifying career paths, but PVCC’s counselors can help you manage the load, helping you feel more grounded and in control.

“It’s never just one thing that students are battling mentally,” said Jim Rubin, Division Chair PVCC Counseling Department. “Many of the students returning to campus this fall are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Couple that with new surroundings and new relationships and they are navigating a lot; they take on more than they can handle sometimes. They need coping skills to manage it all. Our counselors take a holistic approach and evaluate the many components of their lives to help them identify ways to manage it all.”

FYE Classes Outline Clearer Picture to Student Success

New this fall at PVCC and throughout the Maricopa County Community School District are the required First Year Experience (FYE) courses. All new and transfer students must take either a one credit or three credit FYE course, both of which outline college, career, and personal success; the three-credit course is more in-depth. FYE101 and FYE103 include:

  • Learn to apply goal-setting/success strategies
  • Applying an academic mindset and understanding financial literacy
  • Development of an education/career plan utilizing career assessments and other college resources.

“The FYE courses are intended to help get the wheels spinning for students so that they can feel more confident in their decisions and in life,” Rubin said, suggesting students start slowly in counseling, make an introduction, ask a question, and let the relationship begin to build. “The hardest part is for students to take that first step and begin to form a relationship with a counselor.”

Relax in Student Life’s Reflection Room 

Student Life has created a Reflection Room for anyone looking to take a break and recharge. The quiet space, located in Student Life next to the cafeteria in the KSC building, is designed for students who need to take a break from their day, perhaps to meditate or simply catch their breath, pause and reflect. The serene room is a calming environment, decorated peacefully with a Words of Wisdom board, an affirmation jar for students, and art supplies for those who need a little inspiration.

“The idea for the reflection room stemmed from students,” explained Justine Duvaul, a PVCC student leader. “Last year, many students struggled and expressed that they really just needed a break or a moment to release their stress. We just really want students to feel supported and safe and hopefully this room helps students when they need it.”

Signup is on the board located just outside the door, and the room is available for one individual at a time.

Make an Appointment Today!

For more information on PVCC’s counseling services, visit the counseling department in the KSC building, Room 1220 or make an appointment online.