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PVCC Education Focuses on Perspectives

PVCC Education Focuses on Perspectives

Education Faculty Never Stop Learning

The Education faculty met this summer to discuss weaving a common theme into their Education courses. They decided on the theme of "Perspectives". The faculty will provide a variety of perspectives throughout their courses, as well as, provide opportunities for students to share their perspectives. With this theme in mind, faculty read "The New Teacher Book" by Rethinking Schools publication. Meeting both online and in person, they discussed the articles in the book.  The reading and discussions centered around including a diversity, engagement, inclusion and equity lens on the perspectives theme. Individual articles in the book will be used in class this semester to share multiple perspectives. 

Teacher Development Center Gets A New Look

The purpose of the Teacher Development Center (TDC) is to provide a comfortable space for students to study, plan, prepare and socialize, as well as, model what an alternative seating arrangement might look like in a future classroom. The alternative seating in the TDC includes bean bags, papasan chairs, and padded floor chairs. The new, welcoming look is designed to encourage and foster student engagement. It’s an ideal space for students to plan Education sponsored events such as Festival of Tales and STEAM Night, as well as, study for their next exam or just hang out.

Promoting Culturally Responsive Instruction

This summer, the Education faculty  reviewed and selected children’s books to promote Culturally Responsive Instruction. Faculty rely on the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and a few additional organizations to assist with book selection. The ADL website states that, "Reading books is a great opening to talk about identity, diversity, bias and social justice."  As part of the Education department's theme of "Perspectives", Meggin Kirk, Education Program Director, says, “we believe sharing children's literature is a useful starting point for including a curriculum grounded in the lives of students in our classrooms in developmentally appropriate ways.” 

Intro to Education (EDU221) to be Hosted at Local Elementary School

PVCC’s Introduction to Education course will soon be taught at Quail Run Elementary School. PVCC Education will have a designated classroom at Quail Run and will be working with five cooperating teachers in grades K-6 throughout the semester. As part of the 2.5 hours each week at the school, students will observe in the classrooms, and document their observations, as well as, plan and teach lessons to small groups of students. Being on-site will enable students to gain invaluable hands-on experience, as the classrooms will serve as  “Learning Labs” and prepare students for a career in teaching.

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