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PVCC Club Ed Offers Students Purposeful Experiences

PVCC Club Ed Offers Students Purposeful Experiences

The pandemic has not slowed down the Club Ed Leadership Board. Under the guidance of Meggin Kirk, Education Program Director, and Jay Sloan, Teacher Development Center Coordinator and PVCC Alum, the Board hosted some very impactful and engaging virtual events during the Fall semester. Be sure to click on the link at the end for a visual summary of these events.

Over 60 students attended a Transgender Panel Discussion in December with Guest Speakers Sam Garman and catherine lockmiller*. The powerful discussion focused on trans identity and issues that trans people experience. The panel helped students to gain an understanding of the life experiences of trans people, both positive and negative .

"The trans panel was such an eye-opening experience for so many of the students in attendance,” said Jay. “I think that there is so much knowledge to be gained to truly understand the life experiences of trans folks, especially as future educators. We have a huge responsibility to support and advocate for students within our increasingly diverse classrooms."

Also in December, the Club Ed Leadership Board members interacted with elementary students virtually. They read "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister and created a fish craft with first-graders. This experience enabled Club Ed Leadership Board members to engage in a meaningful interaction with elementary students. This endeavor reflects the core of Club Ed's philosophy of outreach and service, as well as the opportunity for PVCC EDU students to apply the skills they are developing in their courses.

"As we demonstrated the craft to students, I felt like I gained a greater understanding of where their imagination guided them while they were creating their Rainbow Fish,” said Angela Costa, PVCC student and Club Ed Leadership Board member. “During the craft, I learned to normalize confusions, stimulate their thoughts, and successfully reinforce a positive relationship with the students.”

Madisen Selby, PVCC student and Club Ed Leadership Board member, reflected on what she gained from her participation. "I enjoyed getting to learn students' names, connect with them, and view their crafts once they were completed. I feel more prepared, inspired, and passionate about going into education after this experience.”

And, finally, Leadership Board members met at a local park and prepared materials for an elementary outreach event, while social distancing, wearing masks, using lots of hand sanitizer, and listening to music.

Fall 2020 Semester Video Recap

*catherine's name is intentionally not capitalized, referencing bell hooks

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