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PVCC Alumni Share Words of Wisdom

PVCC Alumni Share Words of Wisdom

The Black History Month Alumni Panel on February 16th provided a phenomenal opportunity for current students and our campus community to hear from several of our Black PVCC alumni about their personal stories and career paths. From their insights and experiences growing up, to how they arrived in their current professions, these alumni shared how their educational journey at PVCC helped them to achieve professional and personal success. They provided first-hand knowledge and candid advice. 

The amazing and inspiring panelists were:

  • Flomo Gibson, Police Officer
  • Dr. Junior Michael, Assistant High School Principal
  • Kheilla Ndayikeza, Personal Banker and Business Advocate
  • Wilson Okwuobu, Entrepreneur

Some of the words of wisdom the panelists shared from their experiences included:

  • Find someone you connect with to uplift and guide you; surround yourself with good people
  • Engage in positive affirmations and spend time with others who build you up
  • Utilize the resources that are provided to help you succeed
  • Be flexible
  • Set goals and commit to them; they help you focus and stay on track 
  • Get work experience or internships
  • Follow your dreams; you must keep moving forward, and remember one thing leads to another
  • Be confident, know your worth, be proud of who you are, and remember to recharge

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