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Paramedic Student Provides Exceptional Care in the Field

Paramedic Student Provides Exceptional Care in the Field

PVCC paramedic student, Dallas Farley, was in the middle of a field internship rotation with her preceptor when they were running a call on a single vehicle rollover with one patient. The patient only complained of mild back pain and some chest discomfort. Dallas sensed something more nefarious afoot and decided to take all precautions possible with this patient. After the patient was successfully transported to the hospital, the patient was found to have broken their neck in multiple places, as well as, over half a dozen ribs. The physician stated that they had never seen an injury like that without some type of paralysis. This lack of paralysis is due to the exceptional care that was rendered to the patient by the responding crew. Because of the steps and precautions taken in the field by the EMS crew, the patient is expected to make a full recovery. Dallas was also formally recognized by the EMS agency they were working with for exceptional patient care. 

Paramedic Program Update: Currently, 23 students are completing their program in May 2021. The program is in the process of entrance exam testing and interviewing for the next paramedicine cohort that will begin in August 2021. The program will kick off with a completely new curriculum containing a heavy emphasis on technology. Students will have their hard books but will also be getting iPads with e-books preloaded on it, as well as, all the software and programs we will be using throughout their courses. 

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