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Club Rush is Happening This Week

Club Rush is Happening This Week

Student Life Hosts Virtual Event Amidst Ongoing Pandemic

If you are looking to connect with like-minded people then PVCC’s student clubs are a great place to start. Paradise Valley Community College’s Student Life is, once again, hosting its Club Rush event virtually, January 25th through 28th due to the constraints of the coronavirus. With more than a dozen clubs participating in this semester’s event, students can sit back and surf through the club’s introductory videos to see what appeals to them. Club leaders are eager to welcome new members into their radar.

Check Out the Clubs and Sign Up Here

As human beings, we are wired for human connection and companionship; experiencing life virtually has been a tough transition and definitely put a kink in college life. However, just because we can’t meet in person yet, we can still reach out to one another and capture experiences to help us feel connected.

“Surrounding yourself with like-minded peers and exposing oneself to new experiences and people creates extraordinary growth opportunities for our students,” said Sam Tea, Student Life team member and Club Rush coordinator. “In normal times, pre-Covid, PVCC’s Club Rush event would be buzzing with student activity, helping students discover their own communities. Due to Covid and safety restrictions, we unfortunately cannot have face-to-face interaction just yet, but the time will come when our campus will open and that energy will return.”

Until then, PVCC is doing what it can to continue to create these connections and Student Life is a big part of this effort. Joining a student club helps students engage in their learning experiences through participation in educational leadership, service, recreational, wellness and cultural activities.

Benefits of Joining a Club

  • Cultivate diverse leadership strategies and skills
  • Form behavioral modifications to enhance personal wellness
  • Develop and utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Expound effective oral and written communication skills
  • Recognize and apply time and stress management strategies for balancing education, service, work and leisure
  • Create intercultural competence and skills needed to live, work and serve in a diverse society
  • Apply civic responsibility, leadership values, and skills with a specific emphasis on leadership for social change

“Getting involved has allowed me to develop leadership skills among my peers and gain organization and management skills by learning how clubs operate and following the rules,” said Rimyal Awfe, PVCC student and UNoS Club Leader. “What I’ve learned most is how to be in charge of a club, as well as building my social media marketing skills.”

Check Out the Clubs and Sign Up Here

The official clubs at PVCC are given an array of resources through Student Life including use of PVCC facilities, equipment, supplies, and financial assistance for events, conferences and club outings.

PVCC Student Clubs

  • United Nations of Students (UNoS) Share different cultures and experiences and ways to volunteer.
  • Women Rising Promotes sisterhood, leadership and empowerment throughout the community.
  • Club Ed Provides hands-on opportunities for future educators while improving our community.
  • Outdoor Adventure Club Improves physical and mental wellbeing by getting outdoors and exploring!
  • College Artists Society of Theater (CAST) Whether you like being onstage, backstage, or simply enjoy watching theater, this is the place for you.
  • Creative Writing Club Welcomes all poets, writers, screenplay, and playwrights to take part in an ongoing writing class.
  • Student Christian Association Assists students through the education transition from high school through college and into their careers, all the while growing educationally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Desperado LGBTQ Film Festival One of the largest film festivals in the Valley, more than a dozen films and documentaries are shown for the first time.
  • Student Nursing Association Focus on community outreach and making a difference during nursing school.
  • Hispanic Student Association Spread awareness of the Hispanic culture and provide a voice for Hispanic students.
  • ESports Club Gamers come together and develop their gaming skills and friendships with a competitive edge.
  • Club Zeitgeist For entrepreneurs looking to put their creativity and ideas to the test.
  • Business and Technology Club In addition to sponsoring DECA, the BAT Club provides students with opportunities to prepare for life after college in the business world including resume writing, mock interviews, dressing for success and etiquette training.
  • Student Leadership Council Many opportunities to help build leadership skills and engage with the college community.
  • Psi Beta/Psychology Club Build relationships with other students, professors and professionals in a safe place to explore the world of psychology.

Can't find a club you want to join? Start your own club here. For more information about PVCC’s Student Clubs/Organizations, contact us at

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