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Black-Owned Businesses Bring Heritage to the Valley

Black-Owned Businesses Bring Heritage to the Valley

Greater Phoenix is sprinkled with black-owned businesses bringing generations of culture and character to our neighborhoods throughout the Valley. Iconic businesses that deliver a spirited touch of black heritage dating back decades.

In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate these small businesses and encourage you to check them out.

  • Sammie & Dannie

    Two sisters sharing treasures, they opened the vintage boutique offering clothing, accessories, furniture, and home decor.

  • Project Roots Inc. Farms

    A non-profit seeking to provide and promote a healthier, natural, and sustainable way of living in urban areas where there is a need. The group educates the community with access to a community garden, food bank, and mobile soup kitchen.

  • Chic Chef Co. Cafe & Marketplace

    The Chic Chef Artisan products are the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Nik Fields, an experienced Chef and a true foodie who searched for a quality product to be offered to other food enthusiasts.

  • Solo’s Cafe

    An inviting lounge offering great meals, night life, karaoke, open mic, and more.

  • Sweet Magnolia Smokehouse

    Specializing in Mississippi-style barbecue the brains behind the restaurant, catering service, and food truck is Derry Hammond, who was born and raised in a small Mississippi town.

  • Desert Island Eatery

    A small to-go Caribbean restaurant serving vegan and non-vegan selections.

  • Blue Seas Express & Catering

    Self-described fusion and eclectic restaurant serving the best fish in town! The restaurant and caterer also focus on soy-free, non-GMO options for vegetarians and vegans.

  • ATL Wings

    All the Luv Wings are all over the Valley. The family owned and operated business prides itself on its secret sauces.

This is just a sample of the black-owned businesses here in Phoenix and its surrounding suburbs. Check out for more.

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