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Students Shine in Digital Art Exhibit

Students Shine in Digital Art Exhibit

Students from across Maricopa County Community College District took part in this year’s Artists of Promise, but not in the traditional way you would expect.  Due to the 2020 pandemic, students’ artwork was displayed digitally online for the jurors to judge. Several of Paradise Valley Community College's Fine and Performing Arts students received honorable mention for their various artwork, and categories included theater, film/media, dance, music, creative writing, and visual art.

  1. Patrice Al-Shatti, Sunlit, 2-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  2. Patrice Al-Shatti, The Touch, 2-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  3. Paola Beha, Sherman the Sea Turtle, 3-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  4. Mary-Bridget Fasciano, Lend a Hand, 3-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  5. Mary-Bridget Fasciano, Three Amigos, 3-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  6. Alexis Fritz, Arrested Flight, 3-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  7. Daniel Gonsowki, Dante, 3-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  8. Daniel Gonsowki,  Arizona Sunset, 2-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  9. Kendra Hale, DelEye 1, 2-Dimensional, Honorable Mention
  10. Angie Jones,  Electric Pepper Heart, 2-Dimensional, Honorable Mention

"It was an honor to be a juror for this exhibition,” said Christine Cassano, juror for 3D, adding, she appreciated the broad range of art mediums the students are exploring. “During this particularly challenging time in our history, I think that an online platform to view the artwork is not only essential, but will likely set precedence for future ways we are all able to experience art in the digital age."
To view the exhibit in its entirety, click here. To see a list of all winners, click here.

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