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Students Discover Silver Lining in Pandemic

Students Discover Silver Lining in Pandemic

Get Ahead and Save Money Simultaneously

When K-12 schools, colleges and universities moved to online learning last spring because of the global pandemic, many students felt overwhelmed and resistant to the change. Fast forward five months, the pandemic still rages on, however, more and more students are embracing the online learning option, viewing it as a way to get ahead in their studies, as well as save money.

In today’s quarantined environment, students at all academic levels are discovering they have more down time and want to use that time purposefully. While high school students explore dual enrollment programs more diligently, college and university students are considering reverse transfers in an effort to save money.

Paradise Valley Community College’s Director of Early College Programs for high school students, Dr. Audrey Moreno, has definitely seen an uptick in the number of parents and students seeking information about online learning. “I had one parent reach out and want to register a group of high school students together for specific college courses,” she said. “With life basically at a stand still and everything shifting online, it’s a convenient time for students at all academic levels to get some of their prerequisites out of the way.” Dr. Moreno also explained that high school parents see adding a few college credits to their kids’ plates as an effective way to give their kids a rigorous academic choice, without sacrificing their health and safety.

For college students, the cost savings associated with attending a community college is a big appeal. Local four-year universities can run five times the cost per semester as PVCC. If the state’s universities are all online this fall as well, many students are opting out of their university enrollments and taking online classes at a local community college instead. PVCC, along with other colleges in the Maricopa County School District, have definitely seen more interest from existing university students for the upcoming Fall 2020 semester.

What are the next steps?

  • High school students interested in pursuing classes at PVCC should contact the Early College Programs Director at Dr. Moreno  and her team work exclusively with high school students and function as a one stop shop.  “We work with students to admit, enroll, advise, and connect to campus resources such as LSC and University Transfer Specialists, as well as help guide them through their general education requirements and advise students that it is especially beneficial for them to complete the Academic General Education Certification (AGEC) certificate before transferring,” she says.
  • Existing university/college students who want additional information can work with PVCC analysts to determine reverse transfer options. They can also use the AZTransfer website at

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