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Staying Connected During Covid-19

Staying Connected During Covid-19

Spring has sprung and we have survived our first fully online semester here at Paradise Valley Community College. Much has changed, but we have learned a lot about our resilience, discipline and character.

“I have learned the significance of unity,” said Cynthia Rojas Rangel, PVCC student. “Situations have impacted everyone in some way or another. I’ve seen, however, the innovative ways our community has come together in order to help one another. From posting student tips on how to navigate online classes to hosting online gaming sessions; sharing daily workouts to having a Mobile Market.”

Other students asked how they are surviving, shared that they are missing their normal, day-to-day routines, life on campus, as well as their favorite restaurants. “My schedule and ‘safe space’ to study, distraction free, is highly important to my success,” said PVCC student Mikayla Melchert. She said she misses her “quiet study pod” on campus and has “really learned to have patience and rely heavily on communication with people I live with in order to help smooth conflict.”

Student Jack Brown added that while he has used his time effectively and learned to manage his time and not become overwhelmed, he plans to continue to hunker down in the coming weeks and months, even while the local communities begin to reopen businesses.

As we roll into summer classes, PVCC continues to create fun and interactive ways for students to get involved and stay connected, including trivia Tuesdays, scavenger hunt Wednesdays and virtual game room Fridays. Visit to learn more.

The fitness center is also creating ways to keep students and community members active this summer while sheltering in place. Classes include:

  • Mindful Mondays
  • Tuesday Fit Blitz
  • Hodgepodge Workout Wednesday
  • Thursday Fit Blitz

In addition to these live workouts, any student enrolled in these classes (PED101FL, PED115, PED116) will receive regular virtual one-on-one instruction and personal training to support them in achieving their goals. The transition to the virtual environment will allow students to have a lot of flexibility and personalized instruction. Visit for more information.

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