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Spotlight PVCC Alumna: New Norms While Social Distancing

Spotlight PVCC Alumn: New Norms While Social Distancing

As we establish new norms and routines and continue to social distance and self-quarantine, we realize we are more alike than we are different. We find comfort in similar things, prioritizing family, health, self-care and those hobbies we never quite seem to get around to; things we didn’t have time for before in our busy lives.

PVCC Alumna Alexis Croisdale has found comfort in nestling down with a good book to pass the time. “Fiction is a great escape from the news and carves out non-screen time,” she said, adding that she’s finding ways to be creative around the house, painting small crafts for her one year old. Pinterest and YouTube have been great resources for projects, she said. Alexis also recommends getting outside, taking walks or doing yard work. “There’s no better time than now to tackle those pesky weeds,” she joked.

As a former PVCC student and graduate of Arizona State University, Alexis moved to Portland, Oregon and works as a remote marketing employee for an environmental consulting firm. Alexis suggested three tips for both students and other alumni working and learning from home.

  1. Create a separate space to work in (aka don’t do work in bed). It will help you focus and separate school/work from home life.
  2. Take small breaks; go outside for a recharge, refill your water cup, etc. These small steps will add up and again, help you focus!
  3. Do the most daunting task first. When you accomplish this right away, it helps set your day up for success.

What are you doing to pass the time and stay busy? What new routines and study habits have you formed to help you find success? Send your answers to PVCC’s Marketing Department,

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