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PVCC Pushes Start on Video Game Degree Fall 2020

PVCC Pushes Start on Video Game Degree Fall 2020

Coming this fall, Paradise Valley Community College is offering an associate of science degree in Video Game Production. For all you gamers out there whose childhood dream was to play video games for a living, here’s your chance. It’s time to level up.
The AAS program will help students gain essential skills needed to plan, design, create, and produce video game applications, as well as build a strong foundation bridging the art and science of video game production with other interdisciplinary coursework and related studies. Students will develop narratives, write code, create animations, and produce worlds that future gamers will immerse themselves in for years to come. They will be exposed to game engines - Unity and Unreal, Java and Python programming languages, Game Art and Animation by 3D Studio Max, Sound Design with Fabric and Wwis, along with so much more.

“This emerging field provides a multitude of employment opportunities based on skill set, experience, academic training, and professional certifications for various roles and levels in the industry, including simulation, edutainment, and visualization,” said Dr. Chris Scinto, Fine & Performing Arts Division Chair and the co-founder of the video game production degree program. He added that for those completing their AAS, it opens the door to immediate employment while perhaps continuing your education at a university. Students can also stack professional certifications in several areas of interest and gain the tools to become designer/technicians in many fields including environment, production or commercial artist, tools programmer, game designer or developer, character modeler or animator, just to name a few.

Build a career doing what you love. Check out PVCC’s Video Game Production AAS now!

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