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PVCC Partnering to Provide Solutions to Nursing Shortage

Solutions to Nursing Shortage

The nursing workforce in Arizona, as in most states, is aging quickly, and there are fewer trained specialty nurses to meet the increasing demand for their expertise. PVCC, Gateway Community College, Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) and the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce have partnered to find a solution.

On February 3rd, PVCC and Gateway partnered to offer the first critical care incumbent nursing care training for approximately 30 nurses from local hospitals.  Critical Care training for the second cohort will be delivered at PVCC starting March 18th.

PVCC has expanded its program to accommodate over 200 nursing students.  The college is in the process of hiring more faculty to provide quality training to the cohorts.  This summer, PVCC will be running a small cohort of 24 students in order to decrease the number on the waiting list (approximately 2,000 prospective students).

Additionally, this semester PVCC is offering a one-credit NCE 214 course. This voluntary math course is designed to provide additional support to our students.  The top three reasons patients have significant events while in medical care is due to errors relative to mathematical calculations made by nursing staff.

Employment Outlook - Our Nursing Program graduates typically develop employment opportunities through the relationships they build during their clinical experiences in health care facilities.
NCLEX pass rate is 98.1% for our Nursing program graduates.

Nick DeFalco, PVCC Nursing Program Director, is excited to be involved with this expansion and shared, “Student success is our success.  Our goal is to make our students successful” as we strive to meet the demand for nursing expertise in Arizona.

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