PVCC Business Professor Publishes Leadership Book

Thursday, August 6, 2020
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Paradise Valley Community College Business Professor Dina Preston-Ortiz has seen and done it all through her world business travels. From avoiding landmines in Bosnia to getting lost and off the grid in Afghanistan, Preston-Ortiz and her husband, Don, have taken some pretty hairy experiences and wrapped them into an extraordinary book about how to guide and lead success in dynamic business environments. They have traveled the world together as international keynote speakers, award-winning entrepreneurs, as well as, sought-after musicians, speaking and performing on behalf of entities like the U.S. State Department’s various global embassies. Writing a book seemed like a natural progression in their careers and a great way to share their practical business background experienced through their world travels.

“We have lived a rich life without being rich,” said Preston-Ortiz, who teaches marketing, management, small business, and general business at PVCC. “We’re just average everyday people that have been very blessed to have the opportunity to do this type of work. Traveling the world for business versus leisure opened our eyes to a lot of behind-the-scenes experiences you just can’t get as a tourist. Our book wraps our experiences around historical events, making it a very unique read.”

The book, 31 Cents to 43 Countries: Hardcore Tips to Increasing Profits, has been described as “a guide for entrepreneurial thinkers who aim to optimize resources, make the most out of uncertain opportunities, and achieve a work-life balance to increase productivity.” The book is a No. 1 release on Amazon in the Entrepreneurship and Outsourcing section and is geared towards empowering both existing leaders and entrepreneurs. In the book’s introduction, Ortiz writes, “Our story is valuable because it gives a different perspective on effective business strategy. In today’s turbulent and politically tense global markets, our business insights have never been more relevant in helping to take advantage of and solve real problems in business, at home and abroad.”

Married 30 years, the dynamic duo are also successful musicians, having completed 26 world tours in 43 countries, including the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Russia. As the lead singer of the global award-winning band The Dina Preston Band, the professor said she doesn’t have a favorite place she has visited, nor does she have a favorite performer or genre of music. “I’m very eclectic in my taste. So long as things are done well, I generally enjoy them.”

To learn more about Dr. Ortiz’s book or business, visit https://deospeaks.com/publication//. Ortiz’s book can be found on Amazon, and the audiobook is due to be released in the coming months.