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Learn how to Cook Healthily While in Lockdown

Learn how to Cook Healthily While in Lockdown

We are all spending a ton more time at home, eating, drinking, binge-watching Netflix. So why not try something useful to shed that ‘Quarantine Fifteen’ and sign up for Paradise Valley Community College’s Fall 2020 Sustainable Cooking Class online?

The hybrid cooking class will blend classroom instruction with out-of-class online learning and assignments. Offered Wednesday evenings beginning September 23, the class will offer basic cooking techniques for healthful and enjoyable eating, and emphasize strategies for maximizing the use of whole, local, nutrient-dense foods while focusing on applying the dietary recommendations for optimal health to food choices.

“We live in a day and age where people are more aware of the consequences of eating poorly, ingesting processed foods and oversized portions,” said Lisa Thompson, MBA, DTR, who developed the course and will be instructing it. “People are cooking more, choosing fresher ingredients, and eating out less. This class is an opportunity to learn more about sustainable food living and identifying resources that enable people to be more in control of their food supply. And what better time to do this while stuck at home during a global pandemic.”

The cooking class - FON 135 26017 -  is part of PVCC’s Sustainability Academic Certificate and is a great course for, not only students and employees, but the community as well, who are interested in learning more about healthy cooking.

Check out the course here.

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