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Health Sciences Alumni Share Education and Professional Insights

Health Sciences Alumni Share Education and Professional Insights

Eight of our PVCC Alumni currently employed in Health Sciences professions shared their insights and perspectives with PVCC students via a virtual Career Panel in mid-November. Student feedback indicates the value of such opportunities. “I loved hearing from people actually working in the field I strive to work in,” a student said. “Hearing their good and bad thoughts on their position was so helpful as I determine where exactly I want to work in health sciences.”

What follows is a brief summation of the advice the panelists shared:

Adrionna Hatfield, IT Project Manager, CVS Caremark, encouraged students to “keep an open-mind and keep learning. Everything is interconnected and everything is relevant. Remember communication is key to your success.”

Ashley Smith, PharmD, RPh, MA/EdS, Clinical Advisor, CVS Health, shared “I had to teach myself how to study as studying at 30 is different than studying at 18. I had to readjust my thinking and find a new way to study.”

Dura Clodfelter, Paramedic, LifeLine & DMAT, United States Gov., shared it has been “challenging to pursue her passion” as an older adult; “it is much harder just with life’s demands” and suggests you ask yourself, “Is this something I will continue to enjoy, will I continue to grow, will it grow me?”

Howard Reed, ED Nurse, Valley Wise Health Care, said “When you find your path, shadow others and ask the candid questions; what do you like and don’t like; are you truly happy in the work you do? You must have a passion for what you do.”

Lea Nuhanovic, BSN, MBA, Registered Nurse, Banner Health, shared that in your quest of determining your path, “in the end you will learn something: research and test along the way and reach out, network, and explore your options.”

Megan Mattox, Virtual Health Coach, Noom, encouraged students to “ask a lot of questions; look at all your options; talk to your professors; join professional groups – in addition to learning more about the profession this provides a networking opportunity as well.”

Tiara Khalid, Clinical Research Coordinator, BioScreen Testing Services, Inc., encouraged students to “go to study groups. Teachers are untapped resources. Ask questions and learn to take initiative. Take time to research the profession and also research inside yourself. Your passion is typically what you should be doing.”

Vanessa Mitchell, Physician Assistant, Hatfield Medical Group, shared these words of wisdom, “Shadow people in the profession you are exploring. Reach out and network. Explore internships and opportunities that out of class experiences provide. You get out of it what you put into it.”

Students will be able to apply these takeaways as they move forward in their educational and professional journeys. “[Hearing from alumni] offers reassurance and motivates me to continue pushing down the path while looking for opportunities” shared one student.

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