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Alumni Businesses Adapt and Help Community Amid Crisis


Sister Power

Yohanna Wendt & Lysette Hill, Sister Power, LLC

Dynamic sister duo Yohanna Wendt and Lysette Hill of Sister Power, LLC are a business team focused on supporting the community through all stages of life; immune system support, managing emotions, environmental stewardship, financial management, and education. During this trying time, they are reaching out to provide an increased online presence to bring hope, support, and stress relief. They have partnered with Green Living Magazine and they want to remind us that in addition to supporting our community we also have an important role to play in supporting our earth and our health and wellness.

Lysette and Yohanna have created immune supporting, home cleaning kits that they are giving out to the community. Their limited supply will be shared on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to receive one of these kits, please contact them via email (

Lysette and Yohanna are regular participants in PVCC's Festival of Tales where they share with parents and caregivers, ways they may support their children through the use of essential oils to promote learning.

Aioli Burgers

Kyle Hollenbeck & Tommy D'Ambrosio, Aioli Burgers

Alumni Kyle Hollenbeck and Tommy D'Ambrosio focused on a two-fold mission: 1) continue to employ their staff, and 2) feed their community during this pandemic. At the onset of the pandemic, Aioli Burgers rolled out a meal plan that offers rotating menu items on a weekly basis. These meals are prepared and cooked in their commercial production kitchen in accordance with health department guidelines. The meals just need to be reheated.

Kyle and Tommy determined they could also give back to the community by preparing and delivering meals to first responders: fire, police, and hospital workers to name a few groups they are reaching out to. “We are so grateful for our first responders and want to thank them for all they do for our community,” Kyle Hollenbeck said. “By purchasing these donated prepared meals, you will not just help support them but will help support our employees as well.”

"We have had such a great time creating these meals for our weekly-meals fans and for our first responders,” Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio said. Numbers of meals have continued to increase week after week. The first week brought 600 meals prepared for the community. The second week, 1,800 meals were prepared, and 800 of those were donated to first responders. By the third week, Aioli Burgers prepared 2,500 meals and 1,500 of those were donated! "We have 30 staff members and due to our timely pivot, we have not had to lay off any of these people. They have families and are family to us,” Kyle said.

Take a break from cooking and let Chef Tommy D'Ambrosio do the cooking for you! Aioli Burgers weekly meals can be delivered or picked up from their restaurant.
Email to place your order!

"Just mention "PVCC Alumni” to receive FREE DELIVERY" on your first order. "

Donate first responder meals:

Rockstar WorkforceAdam & Amber Wong, Rockstar Workforce

With companies having to transition their workforces to a work from home (WFH) environment, the need is greater than ever to communicate often and effectively. PVCC Alums and Entrepreneurs, Adam & Amber Wong, and their company Rockstar Workforce, are offering a free Work From Home Assessment Tool designed to help improve communication as many people are learning to work from home. Although the challenges of working from home vary from person to person, Adam says isolation, discipline and distractions can be the most difficult to deal with.

The assessment takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the report provides personalized WFH tips and strategies for communicating with your team. To learn more and to take the assessment, simply click here.  You may also share this resource with your friends, family, and colleagues who may find it beneficial. Adam continues to give back to PVCC by serving on the President’s Community Advisory Council and as a guest speaker at PVCC’s Entrepreneurial Education Center. Thank you, Adam and Amber for your support of PVCC and our community.

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