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PVCC Hosts 19th Annual MCCCD Future Educators Conference

PVCC Hosts 19th Annual MCCCD Future Educators Conference

PVCC was the place to be for future educators on October 18th.  The campus hosted about 175 education students from eight of the 10 Maricopa Colleges for the Future Educators Conference 2019.  The theme was "Let's Elevate Education!" Sessions included topics ranging from Engagement: The Key to Inspiring Students to Use Your Voice to Make Education Better to Insights from a Career Educator.

"I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of the planning and execution of the 19th Annual MCCCD Future Educators Conference!" Jay Sloan, PVCC Education Student and Club Ed Leadership Board Member, said. "I learned so much about how important education advocacy is and what we can do as future educators to become actively involved."

Students left the conference with a call to action to share their stories and photos of teachers who have impacted them on the WeElevateEDU on Facebook and Instagram pages (links below).  Additionally, students were encouraged to stay informed by utilizing several key resources (below), as well as registering to vote.

"Overall, the conference made me more excited about becoming an educator, even amidst the current state of education in Arizona," said Sloan. "With all the guest speakers and panelists who spoke, I am hopeful in elevating the state of education to a realm of stability & positivity."

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