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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plane 2021-2023
President's Message

Dr. Paul Dale

I am pleased to share with you Paradise Valley Community College’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, our aspirational roadmap to dramatically increase levels of student learning, success, and subsequent individual and collective contributions to positive social change. PVCC as a learning-centered college, is confident that our commitment to lifelong learning will instill the critical, creative and entrepreneurial skills our students need to thrive.

Underlying our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan is a systems approach identifying key priorities for the organization, faculty and staff so that PVCC will not only continue to redefine and strengthen our approaches to teaching and learning, but also focus on goals to enhance and support the employee experience.

As this plan is finalized in the context of a world-wide pandemic, a nation under crisis because of the continued killing of African-Americans while in police custody, and record levels of unemployment, it is even more imperative that our students are successful and equipped to navigate an ever-changing society. I am confident that PVCC’s relentless pursuit of innovative action will yield positive results.

Paul A. Dale

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

Ensure High Levels of Student Success with Equity, and an Excellent Experience

Strengthen Our Local Economic and Positive Social Change Impact

Build a Great Place to Work through Organizational & Operational Effectiveness

Our Commitment
Our Commitment

At PVCC, thriving relationships serve as the foundation for successful learning and working interactions. We also believe that relationships are more effective if we are clear on what to expect. To this end, the College has adopted the Puma Commitment that affirms our shared expectations of engagement between faculty, staff, students and our community members. The Puma Commitment also serves as a guide as we implement our Strategic Plan.