Event Planning

Event Planning

The PV Campus Event Planning Calendar had been developed to assist college departments with pre-planning for events and to provide opportunities for cross-college collaboration of our signature events.

Each division/department will assign a lead to populate their activities. Since this calendar is used for pre-planning please use the following abbreviations when adding an event. 

TENT- Tentative - You are holding the date while you confirm viability of the event

HOLD - If you are trying to determine a date still (this would be used before Tentative

Once your event is confirmed remove your abbreviation. Make sure to add a description and location to your event, and link to additional information. Please note, this is an open calendar to the campus. If you have a meeting that is not open access you will want to note this in your description. 

Please remember this calendar does not override the process of booking a room 

  1. Reserving through 25Live
  2. Setting up Helpdesk through facilities, And/or
  3. Coordinating with Technology Helpdesk
    You will need to still go through the proper request processes for securing your room location and help desk needs.

Google Event Planning Calendar

25 Live Events Calendar