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Entrepreneurial Studies

Program Overview

Maybe you’ve felt the urge to start a business your whole life. Maybe you decided to be your own boss just recently. Either way, if you have the spirit of entrepreneurship, consider enrolling in our Entrepreneurial Studies program to get started on the right foot. Upon completion of this program, you will be equipped with the skills necessary to run a successful small business.

Our experienced instructors will teach you how to develop, pitch, and execute your ideas — be it for a product or small business. You’ll learn how to create a preliminary business plan, evaluate different start-up opportunities, assess an opportunity’s financial feasibility, and build the first steps in starting a thriving company. You’ll also learn about entrepreneurship concepts, running a small business, and the impact of entrepreneurship on society.

Make it happen. Begin your journey with our Entrepreneurial Studies program today.

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Why Paradise Valley Community College?

PVCC’s entrepreneurship certificate program provides a well-rounded learning experience for aspiring entrepreneurs. Students gain an entrepreneurial mindset, skillset, and toolset that can be applied to startups, as well as organizations of all kinds. The goal is to facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop students’ entrepreneurial DNA that can be used in any area of business.

PVCC’s faculty offers hands-on experience in business, consulting, research, and teaching in a wide range of business disciplines. The entrepreneurship program and newly established Entrepreneurship Education Center (EEC) enable students to explore the process of starting a new business venture.

  • Discover the evaluation process for specific business opportunities
  • Identify financing alternatives
  • Engage in networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs during year-long entrepreneurship-related events on campus. 

Once enrolled, students access tailored tools, resources, support, and up-to-date research in analytic and statistical databases to use as their springboard to begin to fulfill their dream of owning their own business or re-imagine their existing business.