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Computer Science

Program Overview

The computer science industry is a fast-paced, constantly evolving environment where creative problem-solving and attention to detail are as important as the computer training you receive — but to get your foot in the door of this exciting career, you'll need the essential computer training first. Start today and join the Computer Science program!

This program will teach you how to write in a variety of programming languages and computing environments. You will also learn mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles, and computer science theory — necessary skills for building complex software systems. We'll teach you how to analyze a problem and use critical thinking to identify the computing requirements needed to solve the issue.

This is more than a computer course — this valuable computer training program is your key to an exciting career. The knowledge and skills you take away from the Computer Science program will lay a solid foundation down for a fruitful career.

What are you waiting for? Make it happen today!

Students at any Maricopa Community College may need to complete courses at more than one of our colleges.

Why Paradise Valley Community College?

PVCC is building a computer science community where students feel welcomed and supported; a place where they belong. In addition to offering locally all of the required courses to complete your Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Science, PVCC has established a fund to support student success through camaraderie building. In many of our courses, students also gain access to peer mentors, continuing to build relationships and finding a strong sense of community in computer science.  

We are so enthusiastic about computer science, PVCC provides a club for community kids interested in checking out computer science. “Girls Who Code” is open to interested children 6th grade through 12th grade. After a successful summer session, the class is taking a brief hiatus due to the pandemic and will return in Spring 2021. Contact Raji Lauffer for more information.