Clinical Research

Are you a meticulous problem solver with a keen eye for detail, robust organizational abilities, and effective communication skills? If so, envision a rewarding career in clinical research that is involved in new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease and ultimately save lives or enhance overall well-being.

To equip you for a fulfilling career in this field, the Clinical Research Program at Paradise Valley Community College offers two specialized Certificates of Completion: Clinical Data Coordination and Clinical Research Coordination.

In the Clinical Data Coordination program, you will gain the skills necessary to take charge of the collection, cleaning, and management of data in clinical trials.

The Clinical Research Coordination program will prepare you to actively support, facilitate, and coordinate daily activities within clinical trials, which includes managing recruitment processes, monitoring and communicating with participants, collaborating with investigators, and preparing essential documentation.

Pursue your passion and delve deeper into the possibilities offered by the Clinical Research Program at Paradise Valley Community College. Get started today!

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