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Jessica Bruhn, MSN-Ed

Jessica Bruhn, MSN-Ed
Professor Jessica Bruhn, MSN-Ed

Professor Jessica Bruhn, MSN-Ed is residential faculty in the nursing department at PVCC.

I began teaching nursing students in 2016 at SCC and transferred to PVCC in the fall of 2020. My passion for teaching and learning is stronger than ever. I am currently a student at Regis college working towards my doctorate in nursing education with an anticipated graduation in the fall of 2022.

I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Maricopa Nursing Programs. I was part of the initial concurrent enrollment program (CEP) for Maricopa nursing students and obtained my BSN from Northern Arizona University. Three years later, I completed my MSN with an emphasis in Nursing Education from Grand Canyon University. I have been working as a Registered Nurse (RN) for the past 8 years. I specialized in Telemetry for the first three years and then transferred to Neuro/Trauma ICU while working on my MSN. My passion for nursing remains strong to this day and is one of the reasons I am still employed as an RN with Banner Health. I feel it is essential to remain current so I can convey relevant nursing practice to my students.

When COVID hit, we all had to implement new ways to convey content while ensuring competencies were being met My solution to this was to develop electronic “Escape the Room” case studies for the students. Thankfully, they were a big success! I had the honor of being a plenary speaker at a national nursing conference in the summer of 2020 to teach other nurse educators how they could use these electronic forms to develop their own escape rooms.

I have had the pleasure of working with all four blocks of nursing students. I have found that working with students in their last year has been the most rewarding to me. Challenging students to step up their game, building their confidence, and witnessing that transformation is what drives me! I value being a role model for my students and hope that they are able to take pieces of the characteristics that speak to them and add them into their own nursing toolbox. I want the students to be proud of their role in healthcare ,have pride in their role as a nurse, and that they see those characteristics in me. My respect for the profession and love of humanity has helped me pay it forward through nursing education. Sharing my experience to assist the next generation of nurses helps keep me focused and grounded in a manner that has helped me connect with my students in a positive way.