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Jeanette Saxon

Jeanette Saxon
Jeanette Saxon

Jeanette Saxon: Art and Books: my original quickenings and obsessions. An autodidact by nature, I discovered my next and (so far) lifelong love of growing things as a result of inheriting a couple 2-1/4” pots of house plants from a window display at my first real job at a bookstore. My sense of responsibility toward those tiny plants and my luck at being able to check houseplant and gardening books out from the bookstore spurred me to learning everything I could about plants until it was second nature.

A Phoenix native and first (and only) generation college graduate, I covered the basics at Phoenix College while working at Phoenix Public Central Library where I campaigned for and started its art gallery. I finished my BFA Magna Cum Laude at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Halfway through my UA education, I acquired a very old behemoth of a computer (dot matrix anyone?) where I became engrossed with its intrinsic tractability and would, from that point forward, explore how much software tools can do to make my life easier.

I went from The Arts to a manufacturing plant in Phoenix and soon became the Operations Manager. The big surprise to me and my “Art & Books” friends was that I loved that job. I can only explain it by the broad versatility of problem solving it demanded, plus my fascination with the world of working and shipping big pieces of steel, Sales, Customer Service, and protecting the livelihoods of all those who worked in the plant. Business repercussions from 9-11 led to me being laid off. Fortunately, this opened the way for me to begin working at MCCCD, first as an OYO at GWCC, then at PVCC where I’ve readily taken on tasks passed to me. Things like campus maps maker, 25Live system administrator, and collaborator with many in my 15 years at PVCC.

I love the outdoors: walking, biking, hiking, camping….and jet skiing!! These activities were abbreviated when my spouse became increasingly disabled after two brain surgeries. This has required me to step into a caregiver role which is more demanding than anything I’ve ever done. It’s forced me to learn to husband my energy and to focus on the moment. I am humbled and delighted to be added to this list and I’m pleased to learn more about all of you and the things you are doing to move the PVCC mission forward and inspire the love of learning in all who pass through our doors.